Masterpieces Out Of Rubbish: The Second Life Of Old Stuff!

If you suffer from a syndrome “I don`t need that, but I don`t wanna throw it away” – you shouldn`t at least make your family suffer.

And if your nature does not allow you to be so WASTEFUL (to throw out the old tub or destroyed bedside table) – then become a creator – make attractive useful things out of this waste!



We will offer you some great ideas – right in this post!


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Chandelier out of bicycle spare parts

If you don`t wanna ride your favorite bike anymore – don`t throw it away, you can make a kind of futuristic chandelier in the style of hi-tech out of its spare parts.

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Authors: Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock.

You can make such sofa out of an old bath!

Your bath is leaking – and you are going to throw it away? Do not hurry – you can save on cool couch that are very expensive now. Just agree, it looks rather cute –but you will have to buy a mattress.

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Bookshelf out of piano

From the top of the end-of-life piano – you can create such a bookcase. Just agree, it looks like a creation of a well-known design studio!

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Author: Matthew Gregory Toth.

And this bench is made out of two old chairs

Ideal solution for garden and get-togethers with friends for a BBQ!


Aquarium out of an old piano

Piano is suitable not only for talent`s leisure (or for bookcases) – you can make such an original aquarium for aquarium fish lovers out of it!

Maybe in a month they will awaken you singing songs!

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A  beautiful aquarium out of an old TV-set

Of course, watching TV is not fancy and not in trend. But watching such a TV is a great pleasure! There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and the results of your own cool job!

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Mirrors out of tennis racquet

A cool idea for an interior – or as a gift. Well, this racquet is a perfect gift to a familiar tennis player, who loves to admire herself!

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Hammock out of an old tramp

We bet you won`t be able to get your children, wife and friends out of it! And that’s only if you will get out of it yourself!

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A lamp out of pipes

Isn`t it a masterpiece – a lamp in steampank style! You can sale it on eBay…


Author: “Kozo Lamp” company.

A charger out of bred-basket

Help yourself and your friends who come to visit you with an almost discharged smartphones (everyone has such friends!))). Comfortable and stylish – what else do you need?

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Author: Better Homes and Gardens.

Snooker board out of an old car

Snooker board is not a cheap thing. A car is not a cheap thing as well.

But the latter is old, you can save on buying the first one – make a pool table out of it for playing with friends on the weekends!


A rocking chair out of scooter

Don`t want your scooter anymore – don`t throw it away: let your baby ride it! Taking into account all the safety rules, of course!))

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A lamp out of plastic bottles and spoons

As a result you will get this kind of an attractive lamp!

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Old bicycle or car wheel can be used in several ways:

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And how many wheels are lying abandoned on the street…

Bicycle under the sink

A brilliant idea for home and for a nightclub!

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A fireplace out of an old underwater mine

As it oftenly happens, you always have an old underwater mine in da house, but you don`t wanna get rid of it!”))))

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Author: Mati Karmin.

You can use folded chairs instead of a robe

It is simple, stylish and very functional!

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A sofa out of an old boat

A great idea for sailors – or their wise neighbors))

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A bed out of an old boat

Your girlfriend will appreciate your thoughtfulness about a family bed – a place where you make love – it`s 100%!

Just take care of fastening to the ceiling – otherwise your joy can turn to unexpected surprises in the vastness of the boundless ocean of love…

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A chair out of hangers

Version for your friends is that you bought it in elite furniture boutique. A model “bicycleraptor`s skeleton”. Price – 5000$, for your friends – 4500.

At least you will have a really good time laughing, and at worst case you will know how many of your friends are potential victims of “home improvisation marketing”!

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