Money Saving Tricks & Life Hacks For Everyone

Saving is a great science, which can be learned, if you start using your head, think of all the pros and cons, and have a reasonable approach to what you really need and what you can do with ease.


The great Benjamin Franklin said: “A penny saved is a penny earned”. This is the saying, which you should stick to every day.


And when you count your expenses and compare them to expenses in the near past – you will discover that your life becomes easier, that you can work less and rest more and devote your time to your favorite business!


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Products and food

Try to cook at home more often than you buy a ready-made food. This is not a problem if you have a blender, a good stove with oven, steamer and other delights of civilization. Especially this rule relates to yoghurts, sweets, crisps, cakes, sauces) – there is nothing good in those you buy in a store!


Buy only seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably grown in your region. Imported ones usually cost a lot of money.


Try shopping at several stores, not in one. This rule may deprive you of some discounts, but in different stores you will find a wider range, and can compare the quality.


A nice rule is to look in your fridge – and make a list of necessary ?roducts. Another good hack for those who can’t manage themselves – go shopping after you`ve had a meal.


Best place to go shopping is large supermarkets, where everything is cheaper, and not in the next to the house shops. In addition, large hypermarkets have practically everything you need.


Detergents and cosmetics

Instead of dishwashing detergent you can use soda or mustard powder (fights grease well) or an ordinary soap. This way you will save, and use less water: it is hard to wash off modern detergents.

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For washing your hands and body it is better to use high-quality, natural hand-made soap.


You can use one universal cleanser for everything, buy something like Amway products in a wholesale bundle.


Brush your teeth with pea-sized amount of toothpaste, anyway you will spit out the rest of it. You can also buy a special dispenser.


Don`t put too much detergent in washing machine – that’s silly, and it will be hard get rid of the scent of the detergent.

Modern washing machine drawer

Clothing and shoes

In addition to buying clothing in stock stores, on sales and in second-hands, you can find groups of like-minded people who exchange new things that didn’t fit, or partially shabby. Excellent option is stuffcrossing, where you can exchange any stuff, not just clothes.


Going shopping, make emphasis on tourist clothing and shoes, they are more durable and more comfortable!

In this July 2, 2014 photo, vacationer Mark McCurdy, of Everett, Mass., examines shark-themed clothing at the Chatham Clothing Bar in Chatham, Mass. Growing sightings of great white sharks off Cape Cod are generating business for local entrepreneurs as residents and tourists seek a glimpse of the offshore predators -- or purchase their shark-themed memorabilia and apparel. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Apartment, home appliances and other

Instead of special garbage packages use ordinary packs from the store, which you get with almost every purchase, and usually free of charge.


To conserve electricity and water you can install counters in your appartment. It makes sense to buy energy saving bulbs.


Choose walking instead of using minibus or bus. This is more useful – and much nicer. Particularly during hot summer.


Buying home appliances or other expensive things for home and garden, go surf the sites of the stores and the forums – you can find home appliances at half price or get a cool discount.

Admit, very often it happens that a week after the purchase of a new phone, washing machine  or functional microwave oven you find out that you could purchase it at half the price in another store.


Buy universal devices. One quality tablet or a smartphone allows you to make calls, surf the Internet, use it as a GPS-navigator, read books and listen to music.


Save with Jiji  advertise your products and services using free classified ads, sell the things you don`t need any more quickly and profitably, make advantageous purchases from real vendors!



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