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Newest Features Of Home Appliances

While you earn money using your head, appliances that surround you every day in the space of your house, thanks to visionary engineers are getting smarter increasingly integrating with Smart House systems.


We have chosen the most interesting novelties presented at the exhibitions of the HIA Home Ideas Show, IFA and CES in 2015. Perhaps you will buy yourself a brand new “smart” fridge or washing machine – and make your family happy?



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 Samsung washing machine with AddWash and SuperSpeed features

Did you forget to put some things into the washing machine and it has already begun to wash? Samsung has thought about people like you!

Samsung WW8500 AddWash 3

Samsung WW8500 AddWash has a “door in door” that allows you to throw the clothes in the middle of the wash cycle. It is important that both doors have a “child lock”. The machine has an inverter motor, characterized by increased energy efficiency and reduced noise level.

Samsung WW8500 AddWash 1

WW8500 AddWash greatly fits into the concept of the “Internet of things”. Supporting many “smart” features, model is able to interact with smartphones on Android or iOS via special app.

Samsung WW8500 AddWash 2

Also, it has a function of accelerated washing SuperSpeed. When you activate it, the standard cycle takes less than an hour!

Holy Trinity by LG: SmartThinQ, Lightwave and Twin Wash

Among the novelties by LG we will note SmartThinQ sensor, which is placed on the basic appliances and gives them a special potential, making it smarter. So, for example, you can control the temperature in the fridge using your smartphone and shelf life of the products that are in it.

LG SmartThinQ

LG presented in Berlin a “smart” oven Lightwave with advanced heating element Charcoal Lighting Heater for cooking tasty and healthy dishes at home, compatible with the open source AllJoyn for the “Internet of things”.

LG Lightwave

Also, the company has pleased us with the opportunity of simultaneous washing in two sections of one machine – classic on 8 kg and 3 kg one for all the little things like socks and handkerchiefs. This is a Twin Wash System.

LG Twin Wash

Panasonic: AutoCare smart washing

Panasonic knows what it washes!

Washing machines of a brand are equipped with a new AutoCare program that defines what kind of fabric the things loaded into it are made of. It chooses the optimum wash cycle, taking into account the load weight and degree of contamination.

Panasonic Auto Care

The truth is that the owner of the machine will have to sort the clothing before washing and putting them in the machine. And it will determine the kind of a fabric and choose the best for this fabric wash cycle.

Panasonic Auto Care 2

In Panasonic they promise that such “smart” machines will become available before the end of the year 2015. Previously known that the price of a machine with Panasonic’s AutoCare will exceed $ 1 000.

Philips Smart Shaver: shave yourself smartly

Great idea to connect via Bluetooth electrical shaver Philips Smart Shaver of 7000 series to your smartphone.

Philips Smart Shaver 7000 2

The latter should give recommendations for shaving. It will be able to “dictate” how to shave: how hard to press on the skin, how to move, what speed to choose.

Philips Smart Shaver 7000 1

Your personal cook and baker by AEG

German unit of Electrolux – AEG surprised everyone with the new oven ProCombi Plus Smart (again – working prototype). It stands out for its ability to add steam to the heated up air. It helps, for example: for bread to be light, for vegetables – to preserve the color and vitamins.

AEG ProCombi Plus Smart 3

But the main feature of the model is that it is equipped with a built-in camera, which allows you to watch the cooking process on a screen.


AEG ProCombi Plus Smart 2

Bosch: fridge-adviser and washing machine that kills germs

Series 6 fridge with integrated camera. When its doors open and close, it makes photo and immediately sends it to the smartphone with Bosch Home Connect software. And this gadget always knows what is in your fridge – what you need to buy in order not to die of hunger.


So, going to the supermarket, you do not need to make a shopping list!

Perhaps the greatest excitement at the stand of the company was caused by a new washing machine, which has the function of ActiveOxygen for killing germs.


Feature is enabled with a separate button, then the system disinfects things twice: during the wash and after it. This takes about 30 minutes.

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