Photoshock: Best Shots From The Sports World 2015

Sports world is full of challenge, rises and falls, unexpectedness and super photos!

One of the most successful years for such successful photos was the year 2015. Check it yourself!



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Perfect landing!

Anders Fannemel. Ski jumping cannot be observed without fading hearts: at great speed and decent height athletes overcome up to several hundred meters. Norwegian ski jumper Anders Fannemel at the World Championship in the Swedish Falun won gold in the team competition.

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Let the whole world wait

Pole vault athlete Ashton Eaton is resting with cooling mask on his head.

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Tennis… It’s pure emotion!

American tennis player Serena Williams rejoices the victory at the final of the Australian Open, where she beat Russian Maria Sharapova. Serena ended the year in first place in the WTA rankings.

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Weaker sex – stronger hook

Beth Correia (at left) and Rhonda Rosie (at right). One of the best female fighters in the UFC Rhonda Rosie in November suffered her first defeat in career and has lost the title of a champion of the Organization in the bantamweight.

But a few months earlier American has won her title, knocking out Brazilian Beth Correia in just 34 seconds.

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Upside down: into abyss

Kaniotto Thani` jump from the 3-meter springboard at the World Championship semifinal of the Aquatics held in Kazan. (REUTERS/Stefan Vermouth)

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Free fall

Chelsea’s Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho celebrates conquering the League Cup trophy with his team. In final Chelsea defeated Tottenham with a scrore of 2:0. In December for poor results in England Championship Jose Mourinho was fired from the London Club.

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Moment of truth

The pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Shomeker (number 52) is preparing to perform a throw in baseball meeting against the Detroit Tigers.

At the end of the season the team from California was unable to win the title, having finished its performance in the 1/4 of final in Major Baseball League.

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…as if all my judges flashed before my eyes!

German athlete Severin Freund commits a jump right in front of judicial windows at the Championship in Falun, Sweden. (REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)

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A ride of Glory

A bus transporting soccer players of “Barcelona” at the parade in honor of the victory in the Champions League. In the final, Barcia beat Juventus with the score 3:1.

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Wheels of danger

French cyclist William Bonnet in July was seriously hurt during the mass blockage of athletes in the third stage of Tour de France.

The athlete received a traumatic brain injury and cervical vertebrae fracture. The athlete began to move only in October, he will have a long rehabilitation process.

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Red Bull gives you wings!

Snowboarder performance at the Red Bull Festival held in the resort of Shymbulak, Kazakhstan. (REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov).

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Ghost, frost, and two smoking rapiers

World Fencing Championship in Moscow. The final of men’s team competitions. Andrea Baldini (Italy)-Arthur Ahmathuzin (Russia).

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Winning his own shadow

Hockey player of “Islanders” Tyler Kennedy in March 2015 switched to the New York team “San Jose Sharks”. In 13 matches of last season for his new Club Canadian forward scored two washers and made three assists.

This season he plays for “New Jersey Devil”, but have not yet managed to score a goal.

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Free hugs!

South African athletes in showdown with New Zealand players during the match of the Rugby World Cup.

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Sepp Blatter`s dollar shower

FIFA President Sepp Blatter gets the “shower” of dollar bills from one of the journalists.

In 2015 a serious corruption scandal erupted in FIFA, which resulted in fact that Blatter was suspended from football activities for eight years.

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Queenie, Queenie, who’s got the ball?

Single male tournament semifinal at the Australian Open between Czech Thomas Berdych and Briton Andy Marrey was very intense and lasted three and a half hours.

At one point of the meeting Czech tennis player almost ate the ball, but in the end victory went to Marrey.

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This one is blessed

Austrian athlete Stefan Kraft on ski jumping Championship in Bischofshofen, Austria. (REUTERS/Dominic Ebenbichler).

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One flew over the cupulas

World Aquatics Championships in Kazan. The athlete performs a jump into the water from 27 meters.

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Easy breathin`

Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hossu is a renowned star of sports world. At last year’s World Aquatics Championship in Kazan the athlete won two gold and one bronze medal.

She has no Olympic medals, so she will try very hard at the games in Rio de Janeiro.

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Happy day with Ferrari champagne

Athlete Lindsey Vonn won a bronze medal in Supergiant at the World Championship. (REUTERS/Max Rossi)

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Run, Usain, run!

World Athletics Championship in Beijing. Usain Bolt won the 100 meters, behind him are only Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay.

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Can’t see you clearly!

India’s cricket captain Viratham Kohli is one of the most renowned representatives of this kind of sport in the world. Kohli always emotionally reacts to his team’s successes and failures.

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Just checking my Twitter…

Many athletes are big fans of mobile gadgets and active users of social networks. American football players from the Student Club “Arkansas Rejzorbaks” wasting time before the next game.

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