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Really Useful And Simply Cute Inventions 2015-2016

Each year the brilliant scientists invent an enormous amount of different stuff. All of this stuff can be divided in two categories:

A. “How have I lived without it?” and B. “In what situation I might need it?”.


But both of these inventions can be surprisingly funny and even moving!


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Tempescope – pictorial whether forecast

Japanese architect Ken Kovamoto invented the device that visually indicates tomorrow’s weather. If the storm is expected there will be mini lightning inside the glass cube, and the drops of water mean that it will rain.


But unfortunately the device cannot show the snow.

Tempescope 2

Saddle for dad

Saddle for Dad just had to appear someday, because who had not ridden on Daddy`s shoulders. Baby saddle is a new invention that allows fathers to free their hands to answer the phone or make photo, so everyone is happy.

????? 2

????? 1

Digital statoscope “Eko Core”

Heartbeat sounds can also be recorded on a smartphone. Special application will analyze the sound of the heart and compare it to the data kept in the cloud storage.

???????? ????????? (Eko Core)

This way the doctors can hear changes such as noises and other abnormalities, identify the problem and try to fix it. At the moment, scientists led by Dr. John Chorba, test Eko Core in the lab of the University of California in San Francisco.

???????? ????????? (Eko Core) 2

If successful, the device will significantly reduce the number of medical errors in diagnosis, which in turn will allow patients to save on expensive tests such as echocardiography.

Your kid will mop the floor!

If a small child is constantly crawling on the floor – let him do it, realizing the importance of his pastime! In this special suit “Baby Mop Suit”, he will do it with pleasure!

Baby Mop Suit 2

Baby Mop Suit 1

Banza Pasta – the new superfood!

Protein content in this pasta in 2 times exceeds the amount in regular pasta, and the content of fiber in it is 4 times more. At the same time, compared to the usual pasta it has far fewer carbohydrates and it is gluten free!

Banza Pasta 2

It is made not of wheat, but of chickpeas, which makes it a healthy food. Some may think that Banza is not very delicious pasta, but statistics suggests the opposite – a year ago it was sold in 2 stores, and today it is sold in 1700 stores throughout the United States.

Banza Pasta 3

Penspoon, fork, knife!

For those who is always ready to have a meal – even on the road: pen turns into the cutlery. A great thing for a hike! And for the office as well.

????? ???????

????? ??????? 3

You`ve changed your plans? Change the heel!

“Tanya Heath shoes” are shoes with a set of interchangeable heels.

????? 3

Ingenious invention by designer Tanya Heath, allows women to have a pair of shoes that might turn from an option for driving a car into elegant stiletto shoes for evening reception, plus many other options depending on the style of clothes and situation.

????? 2


Safety Truck: taking care for those who are behind!

To avoid accidents, which trucks often get in, Samsung in cooperation with the advertising agency Leo Burnett has invented a new technology.

???????? 1

The new system transmits video from cameras mounted at the front of the truck on 4 large monitors installed behind. This allows the cars that are behind the trucks to see what happens ahead of the truck.

???????? 2

In the first test Safety Truck drove over 1000 km in 3 days and did not hit any traffic accident.

Slippers for lunatics

Do you stroll about during a sleep or just at night? Do not let the monsters catch you by surprise! BrightFeet are the slippers with backlight for the most coward ones.


??????? 2

Garden in your pocket

Wearable plant is a mini garden in a pendant invented by designer Colin Jordan.

??? 1

He offered this alternative to traditional jewelry for those, who nourish a special passion for nature and “prints” their mini vases using a 3-D printer.

??? 2

??? 3


Thinx – 2 in 1

These panties created by sisters-twins Miki and Radha Agrawal (Miki and Radha Agrawal) from Sri Lanka and their business partner Antonia Dunbar have 4 restraint layers of antimicrobial fabric that are able to detain a moisture.


After use they can be washed and used again as a regular underwear.

????? 2

Drinkable Book: purifying through knowledge

Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world do not have access to clean water. Drinkable Book can change everything.
Drinkable Book 1

The pages of this book can be used as water filters. According to testing this invention in Bangladesh, Ghana and South Africa, it became clear that they are able to detain up to 99% of harmful bacteria.

Drinkable Book 2

At this stage, scientists check the ability of book to delete pollution, eliminating water from viruses. They have already found investors who are willing to launch a mass production of a filter book.

Drinkable Book 3

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