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Think I’m Gonna Pass: Super Extreme Sports

When friends make a list of excuses why they can’t get to the gym, I laugh them in person without a twinge of conscience. Why?

You will get it when you read about what people are willing to do to achieve their goal and for their hobbies and interests, they simply lack the sensation of life`s fullness without that! 


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Incredible extreme lava kayaking

Do you know everything about kayaking? And do you know everything about the water that has temperature of 50°C due to flowing lava of an active volcano?

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Brazilian extremals explore little-known routes for kayaking: the group descends on water with a temperature of 50°C: any false move can cause burns.


Guys test their own professionalism near Kilauea volcano located on the island of Kauai (Hawaii). This island is one of the objects of the research of new routes for kayaking.

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Pedro Oliva, who reached the shoreline, donated his paddle to test lava temperature of 700-1000ºC.

During the past month, extreme-canoeists investigated 4 Islands: Maui, Big Island, Oahu and Kauai. On their way there were 300 rivers and waterfalls.

“The biggest danger during our study of this island was a poisonous vapor that appears during the contact of lava with water, it was accompanied by a loud hiss,”told the extremals.


Slacklining or walking on a free rope is a form of extreme sport, when the rope is loosely fastened and significantly deviates from the straight line not only down by gravity, but to the both sides as a result of the efforts of equilibrist.

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The difference between this kind of sport and walking on the tightrope is that instead of having to keep the center of gravity over the rope, an equilibrist should put the rope under the center of gravity of his body.

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This entertainment is not for the faint of heart. In search of adrenalin, slackliners are ready for crazy things.

Slacklining is an English word: “slack” – weak, and line.

The history of slacklining started in Yosemite Valley, California in the early 1980 ‘s. Two friends, Adam Grossovski and Jeff Ellington walked on the circuits, protecting one of the local car parks. This idea spread rapidly.


The height record for slackline belongs to Christian Shu, who passed on a rope above the gorge at a height of 1 km, which is almost exactly equal to the height of three Eifel towers. It was August 3, 2006 in Kjerag plateau in Norway.

To make these spectacular pictures, extremal and photographer Brian Mosbo undertook a walk on a rope at an altitude of 850 meters near Rio de Janeiro.


Stone ski

Despite the fact that it is December and the ski season is officially open, many mountain resorts in Austria lack the snow.

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But it’s not a hindrance for these desperate guys. They decided to ski on stones without sparing neither themselves nor the equipment.

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Base jumping

One of the most dangerous sports. The distinctive feature of base jumping is that jumping takes place at the low altitudes and the athletes have limited time to select the correct body position when opening the parachute.

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The price of mistake or delay is too high. Independent attempts usually result in serious injury or death.

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Jumping from a helicopter and skiing on untouched slopes. The use of the helicopter allows you to locate hard-to-reach places, where it is impossible to climb in other ways.

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The main danger is a high probability of an avalanche, so each skier must have a special equipment, which will allow finding him in case of a danger.

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Street luge

Downhill on the boards by roads. They are unaided in automotive thread – adrenaline gushes over the edge, and the blood boils in the vessels. Means of security are the helmet on the head, shields on the elbows and knees, gloves and stretchy tracksuit. It’s just a little, considering that it is difficult to make a skate quickly reset its speed.

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There are no brakes, so as soon as you have accelerated, it is very hard to stop.

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Street luge braking has its specificity: riders brake using any impeding objects – walls, cars, stones and trees. Do we need to say that only the lucky riders don`t get injured trying to stop this way!


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