Amazing Stories Of Success

World famous millionaires, creators of famous companies, well-known film directors, actors, and musicians are people like us. Moreover, many of them lived in poverty, slept in cars and saw no prospects.

Manager walking on the road to success

Who knows whether they achieved success thanks to their goal-oriented nature, or they just realized that they have nothing to lose!


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Steven Spielberg

The greatest modern filmmaker, creator of “Jurassic Park” and “Schindler’s List” and many other wonderful movies, has suffered many setbacks and failures before he got rich and became famous.

?????? ???????? 1

Being young, genius did not pass to the school of cinematic arts at the University of Southern California because he had not scored enough points. Persistent by nature, he passed the exams again, but suffered a fiasco again! Then, Steven did not despaired and filed the documents to another school, and was denied again!

?????? ???????? 2

But again he didn`t despair, Steven went to a technical college and in his spare time created one of his first short films. Studio Universal Pictures liked it a lot. And then you know.

France Cannes Opening Ceremony

 Hilary Swank

Today, a “Million dollar baby” from Nebraska has 40 million dollars. Hilary Swank is the owner of two Academy Awards for best actress in a leading role, managed to become the owner of a chic house in Hollywood.

Hilari 1

But few people know that back in the early 90 ‘s, she and her mother had just moved to Los Angeles, and they often had to sleep in a car!

Hilari 3

Hilari 2

Marilyn Monroe

This icon of her time, a muse of many multimillionaires throughout the world, they dedicated her poems, songs, books, – back in her childhood lived in foster families and orphanages.

Monroe 1

At the age of 16 years, Nora Jean Mortenson (Marilyn`s real name) is getting married to avoid coming to another orphanage. Four years later she got an opportunity to play in the background at the time of filming one of the movies at the Studio 20th Century Fox.

Monroe 2

First experience in cinema was not very successful, so in 1948 she sets the contract with Columbia Pictures. But this also didn`t bring success. The Studio claimed that she did not possess neither necessary acting talent nor beauty!

Monroe 3

But, still she didn`t ditch her dream and continued acting in individual episodic roles, until she has not got the opportunity to play a major role. After that, her career started to go up rapidly.

Suze Orman

Before Suze Orman became the TV presenter, best-selling author and one of the most famous financial gurus in the world, she went through the strongest financial difficulties and even has been homeless for some time.

Suze 1

Shortly after graduating from a high school, Orman left Chicago and moved to Berkeley, California, where she decided to follow her dream. She worked as a waitress and lived in a van for quite a while before she decided to borrow the money from friends and start a joint business.

Suze 2

Suze 3

Steven King

Fans of horror movies and mysticism know well who Steven King is. His remarkable books are read by millions of people worldwide. Now it is very difficult to believe that publishers refused of his first book “Carrie” thirty times.

King 1

The 30th refusal overflowed the cup of Steven`s patience. He simply threw his manuscript in the bin, but it got into the hands of his wife, who persuaded her husband not to despair, and not to give up. After that, Stephen King decided to send the manuscript to another publisher.

King 2

This time, editor liked the manuscript, and his book was published, and it had a great success.  This was a beginning of a successful career of the great and world famous writer.

King 3

Charlie Chaplin

One of the most famous actors of the first half of the 20 century and undoubtedly the real King of the silent movie era, Chaplin has endured a difficult path to the heights of Fame.

Charlie 1

His father died when Charlie had not yet turned 10 years old, and his mother spent in hospitals almost all her time (she had a bipolar disorder), so the boy had to work and sleep in the streets of London.

Charlie 2

The Kid

Henry Ford

The legendary creator of the Ford cars on his way to success faced a number of setbacks.

Ford 1

First company, created by Ford quickly went bankrupt as a result of the small sales. After that, his investor William Murphy, refused to finance his project. But Ford managed to persuade the businessman to give him a little more money on creating another company. But, unfortunately, this idea also failed miserably.

Ford 2

Then Ford began working with Alexander Malkonson, who saled coal and decided to finance the following Henry Ford`s project. Ford had to significantly improve the design of a produced car and some time later, Ford Motor Company became a company famous all over the world and a leader in the field of production and sales of cars.

Ford 3

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