Top 10 Most Popular Sedans

Although buying a car is a lot of responsibility, you shouldn’t be too stressed out about making the right choice – after all, the best choice of a car is a car that combines your dream features. Family men are often looking for practical and safe vehicles, while young bachelors prefer flashy, sporty cars. However, sedans remain the most demanded type of car on the market, so if you’re looking for a new sedan, check out our guide to 10 most popular sedans you can buy today.

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10. Hyundai Elantra

This Korean model charms viewers with its exquisite look, but the Elantra has a lot more to offer. Plenty of interior and trunk space, lots of modern features, quiet cabin and excellent safety characteristics make Hyundai Elantra a desired choice for a lot of buyers, and the affordable pricing is another argument in favour of this model. You can buy a used Elantra and save even more money.


9. Nissan Altima

Nissan has always been among the favourites in the Nigerian car market, and with the release of the Altima the situation hasn’t changed. After the recent redesign Nissan Altima got its attractive look, but if you’re looking deeper than the appearance, you’ll find lots of appealing characteristics: record-breaking acceleration, precise transmission, and the fuel economy that can rival the most fuel efficient cars in the market.

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8. Honda Civic

The automotive industry has long been in awe of Honda Civic. Its unmatched mechanics, fun drive, and cool appearance, made it an attractive choice for wide categories of buyers. Having gone through a lot of redesigns, the Civic hasn’t lost any of its original charm. Now it’s the same sharp styling incorporating hundreds of daring features. The powerful and fuel-efficient engine, paired with sporty suspension, provides an unforgettable driving experience.


7. Mazda 6

With the recent growth in gas prices, fuel efficient cars are going through a new wave of popularity, which is one of the reasons why Mazda 6 is such a coveted model right now. Impressive handling and responsive powertrain make driving more fun than ever before, while the safety characteristics make it a strong contender for the best family vehicle. And don’t forget the spacious interior that combines quality and style in a unique way.


6. Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai cars, especially sedans, have always taken the first spots in sedan ratings, and it’s easily understandable: like nearly all cars from this Korean brand, Hyundai Sonata is a pleasure to drive. One of the best features about this model is its cabin: thanks to the spacious design and comfortable seats even a 10 hour-long car trip won’t be even slightly uncomfortable. Numerous standard features will also be a pleasant surprise.


5. Ford Focus

During its century-long existence Ford has earned the respect of both customers and experts. No matter which Ford you choose, you’re guaranteed to get the flawless blend of style, performance and safety. The same goes for the Ford Focus, which is packed full of advanced tech features, boasts unique styling and decent fuel economy. You’ll also be pleased with the quiet cabin, precise handling, and dynamic ride of this Ford model.


4. Peugeot 406

Peugeot has incredibly successful models in every car segment, but sedans are where this French brand truly shines. Peugeot 406 is no exception to this rule is one of the most desirable sedans on the market, even though the oldest versions of 406 are several decades old. If you’re looking for sleek styling, spacious cabin, reliable performance, practical cargo space, and respectable fuel economy, the 406 might be the way to go.


3. Toyota Corolla

Corolla might not be a vehicle that is designed to take your breath away, like some of the more refined sedans on the market, but it’s still a great choice when it comes to picking a new sedan for your family. Toyota Corolla has an impressive look, but what’s even more impressive is the unmatched combination of fuel economy, advanced features, practicality, and thrilling ride. Plus, Corollas have a fairly high resale value.


2. Honda Accord

Family sedans have always been a competitive car segment, but Honda Accord manages to get far ahead from the competition thanks to the value it offers to the customers. High quality interior, spacious cabin and trunk, numerous standard features, refined driving characteristics, and the undeniably attractive look were enough to help this model succeed, but the fuel economy and exceptional handling are truly the cherry on top.


1. Toyota Camry

Toyotas have traditionally been incredibly popular in Nigerian car market, but Toyota Corolla’s popularity is out of this world. There’s not enough words to describe why Corolla might be your perfect choice, so just trust us when we say it’s the best sedan you can currently get.

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