Why You Should Be Excited About iPhone SE

It’s been nearly a month since Apple made the tech world buzz about its newest release – the iPhone SE. Potential customers were instantly divided. Some found the new model to be too similar to previous Apple creations. Others were immediately charmed by the brand new iPhone SE and started looking for ways to get one for themselves. If you’re still undecided whether iPhone SE is right for you, or you’d better of looking for another model, check out our complete guide to iPhone SE and have all of your questions answered.

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Return to old form

Although the most recent Apple models, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, have a lot of fans who are crazy about the size and shape of their smartphones, a large part of buyers still believe that iPhone 5S was the most flawless iPhone ever created, with its aluminum body and impressive look. Luckily for those users, the new iPhone SE is virtually undistinguishable from the fan favorite, the 5S. With the same dimensions and materials the SE is a welcome addition to the lineup, because many buyers were looking for a more powerful alternative in the same appealing body, and Apple addressed these concerns by releasing a technically flawless smartphone in the form that was so universally acclaimed.


Colorful life

One of the biggest complaints about the old iPhone models were limited options when it came to color. Up to iPhone 6, and with the exception of iPhone 5C, which had a plastic body available in 5 lively shades, you could only get an iPhone in three basic colors. However, starting with iPhone 6, the color variety became complete and now consists of four attractive hues – grey, silver, gold, and rose gold. And now the same shades are available for iPhone SE, which is exactly what a lot of potential customers were waiting for.


Better camera

What made a lot of owners complain about the older versions of the iPhone was the mediocre camera. It got better in the later models, but if you had iPhone 5 or 5S, you still had to put up with grainy or blurry photos. This problem is completely eliminated by iPhone SE, because it is equipped with the same camera as iPhone 6S, which is known for the excellent quality of its photographs. Besides, due to the increased thickness of the SE, there’s no bump around the camera like there was in iPhone 6S, which was fairly annoying for a lot of users.


More powerful battery

While generally it’s believed that iPhone’s battery is more powerful than the batteries in a lot of Android smartphones, the battery life in the older iPhone models was far from perfect, so you often had to look for a charger during the day despite having fully charged the phone the night before. With the battery in iPhone SE this problem is expected to go away, because not only is the battery in this model extremely powerful, but it also perfect for using mobile internet or Wi-Fi – unlike many other smartphone models, this one doesn’t die after a couple of hours of internet use.


Faster response

Although iPhones are famous for being extremely fast and reliable, the new iPhone SE takes the notion of speed to the next level. If you thought your old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 were super fast, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what the SE has to offer. By implementing the newest technologies and tweaking the iOS to perfection, Apple managed to create a phone whose power surpasses its closest competitors, both from other brands and from Apple. The only iPhone model that can compete with the SE is the iPhone 6S, and if it’s not your cup of tea due to the size or other factors, then consider the iPhone SE as your next iPhone.


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