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World`s Most Unusual Races

Do you remember how in childhood you and your friends used all improvised means to race off with a steep slope?

Adults also indulge themselves with such a thing, and manage to make real championships out of such activities!


In this post we have chosen the most ridiculous and crazy kinds of races held in the world by those who think that motorcycles racings are too predictable, and racing cars – too boring!

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The last path: races on coffins

In the American town of Manitou-Springs they hold races on … coffins!

Coffin 1

The team consist of 5 people (1 “dead man” – the helmsman and a 4 persons holding a coffin), driving homemade coffins on wheels.

Coffin 2

The tradition of these races goes back to the 19th century, when the rains have washed away the tomb of a local girl buried on a hilltop and her coffin spectacularly “arrived” back to town.

Coffin 3

Camelbot: robots racing on camels

Annual competitions of robots-jockeys are taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Today the centuries-old tradition of racing camels and the latest technology are together. Camel rider should be small and light, so children were usually the riders. Now they are replaced by a remote-controlled robots.

Camel 2

Such mechanical jockey costs about $ 25000. Camel racing fans believe that robots “made” races even more exciting!

Camel 1

Riding a toilet: racing on bio-toilets

Interestedly, Americans are the champions by number of strange racing competitions. For example, in the State of Washington they hold racing on bio-toilets. This merry madness is called OuthouseRaces.

Outhouse Races. Conconully, Washington.

Outhouse races 2

Outhouse races 3

Racing on land boats and on beer cans boats

In Australia, in the channel of dried up river Todd they hold land boat racing. Athletes have to run, holding their boat in the hands, the boat is without the bottom. Such unusual boats have even their own name “dragon boat”. Fun fact: if at least one racer falls, the whole team defeated.

?????????? ????? 1

?????????? ????? 2

Australians love unusual entertainment. In addition to the races at dragon boats, they hold DarwinBeerCanRegatta – swimming on boats made out of beer cans!

DarwinBeerCanRegatta 3

DarwinBeerCanRegatta 1

DarwinBeerCanRegatta 2

All mixed up: races of goats and blue crabs in Trinidad and Tobago

These races are held in two stages in the first half of April, on the island of Tobago in the State of Trinidad and Tobago. Goats start first, drivers keep them on a leash.

goat races trinidad 2


goat races trinidad 1

The second race is a race of blue crabs. Crabs, unlike goats, are harder to manage, but the owners of the crabs take rods and straight the arthropods in the right direction.

goaBlue crab races 1

goaBlue crab races 2

goaBlue crab races 3

Higher and faster: balloons` races

For nearly 35 years in a row in September over the American city of Reno over hundreds of balloons take to the skies. The parade of ballooning fame lasts three days. About 140 000000 of fans come from all over the world to support their favorite team.

balloon races Reno 2

balloon races Reno 1

The participants of the races compete for the prize of $ 20000. Special attention is given to the action called “The hare and the dogs”. The scene of classic British Hunt is played: 100 “dogs” balloons haunt “hares”.

balloon races Reno 3

Sleepy Schumachers: racing on beds

In Thailand Pattaya they race on beds. To win these competitions you must not only beat all the rivals, but also surprise the jury with the original design of the bed.

Bed races 2

All proceeds from the competitions listed on charity. Interestingly, for the first time such race took place in 60-ies of the last century in the U.S. Army.

Bed races 3

?ould it be faster? ?ane toad races

In California during the Festival CalaverasCountyFair & JumpingFrogJubilee they hold frogs racing. Owners follow squatting their pets and adjust them forward.

Toad races 2

Toad races 3

Toad races 1

From Russia with love: tanks biathlon

And finally an interesting fact about the unusual races which are held in Russia. It turns out there is a tank biathlon. All normal biathlon: day on the road, shooting stands, punitive circles…

Tanks 3

Tanks 2

First such competitions were held in the year 2013, and four teams participated in them: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia. Russian team got the victory. This year’s contest will be held at the same firing range near Alabino, but there will be teams from 13 different countries.

Tanks 1

Long raft race down the Amazon river

Hundreds of colorful floats that take part in the annual competition on the Amazon in Peru are built independently by the participants. They must swim 180 km to the city of Iquitos, fighting over the flow and fighting off Piranha and other living creatures.

Amazon raft 2

Amazon raft 3

Amazon raft 1

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