19 Worst Things You Can Say To Your Man

What phrases you must forget to live happily with your man? Read JiJi blog!

1. I told you …
She, as usual, is right, he, as usual, is wrong. Sad alignment, get rid of which he had dreamed when lived on forty square meters with his mother. That’s why men are enthusiastic and love fools, and you drop tears on Twillings.

2. Watching football – it’s for stupid.
A vampire series, Yoga Journal, and “Accessories” – for smart, of course.

3. Look at me closely, did you notice?
What could it be, Holmes? Hair strands decolorizing in two tones? She depilated mustache? Chest looks up – a new bra or hallucinations? When asking a question, be prepared to answer that make you upset.

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4. We need to talk.
Whether his will, he would have turned and ran in the direction of the border. We need to talk – start with essentially, no arrivals on the depth of your relationship and the importance of the matter under discussion. Do not pull the cat’s tail, causing the beloved suffer, as in the doctor’s waiting room before a painful grafting.

5. Do you know what today is?
Man shrinks and begins frantically to sort options: your birthday? Name day? Half a first date? Month since you adopted a puppy? Tuesday? .. What he forgot about the anniversary, does not mean that he forgot about you. Men annoying any formalism and show-off, so the chance that he will arrange for you to feast on the day that does not have the huge red letters on all billboards, illusory. But it is a reason you arrange a holiday to him, once you remember the date. The main thing is total joy, and not that it is something you should, huh?

6. Be a man.
It implies that you do not consider him as a man. Poor motivation for heroism.

7. You do not understand me.
So you explain bad. He is not you, not a woman and not a psychic, intuitive catching your every emotional expression, andhe is not required to devote a life unraveling the mysteries of the universe such important as that of a fly bite you in the afternoon.

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8. I can not live without you.
It scares. It’s really scary. You’re not defenseless animal. Moreover, such recognition given to the partner power over you, and what happened during the Stanford Prison Experiment, you know in a similar situation.

9. Do not worry, everything is fine.
First sulk, silent and walking sad, at the questions strained voice say “everything is good” and then burst into tears and accuse him of insensitivity – this is an example of female logic that went into the treasury of the world jokes.

10. What do you think about?
If you not only have share recipes with the wife of his boss, became closer than it has ever been with his sister and mother, and every three hours pingsending him control SMS – leave him a piece of personal space at least in his mind, otherwise the horse will throw you and running on the prairie enjoying the fact that finally, thank God, no one cares of him.

11. How many women you had?
Well, 24 so what? And you only have 9 men, haha, and who is now a goof?

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12. You’re acting like a child.
And you’re acting like a mother. With this distribution of roles he will become capricious more and more and will close from you in the bathroom with a beer and a tablet full of zombies. But if you join in the fun and instead of grumbling to do chores instead of him, lie down in bed with a box of chocolates and a TV series, it will help him to understand why a blanket stained and there is no dinner.

13. Oh you goofy/ fluffy/ goat beard.
For you, perhaps this is not obvious, but any diminutives, especially when combined with ironic and condescending tone, especially in public, prejudice his manhood. How would you like it if the man began to speak to you “Mom” and serenely smiling, compare with Chewbacca?

14. Tell me something.
The phrase, which erases everything from his mind. Instead of sending “entertain the princess, jester, it’s your duty” even remember what he told you before is a trouble.

15. The real man would …
Sooner or later, your “unreal” partner will tooth-grinding and will recommend you to go and look real, since he is wrong. Or will find another girl who will have a better opinion about him, or at least will pretend.

16. Is it suits me?
Do you want an honest answer? “You look like a whore, I like it.” “Generally nice, but you need two sizes larger.” “Wash it, you look like a transgender.” “Your face is bluish in this.” “My mother has the same.” Do you really want to know his answer?

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17. I become fat.
Prior to that, he did not notice it, before you say so. Maybe you just lost weight and wait for compliments, but he’s a simple guy, sympathize and eat your portion. All for the sake of his beloved.

18. If you really loved me.
This is some kind of NLP into your own goal. Hmm, a man thinks, if I really loved you, you really would have dragged the basket of roses every week. Maybe look for something more inspiring instead of itchy gray mouse?

19. It is unlikely that we will be able to afford it.
If we are not talking about a kilogram of heroin for the purpose of resale, do not say this phrase. Women’s habit of counting the money of the man, with whom she lives, is contrary to the values ??of equality, that you declare. If something so much captivated him that he is ready to lay out all the pay, do not throw a tantrum, and it will be reckoned to you a hundredfold. Try to keep silent, not to judge emotional outburst partner and share the joy of his quirks, pay the rent and food – in short, to stay in the role that man plays with you every day.

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