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Worth Seeing: Fantastic Sports Stunts & Tricks

It is better to see once than to hear 100 times – especially when it comes to sports!


So we decided not to change the established rules, and have chosen for you the best videos in 2015-2016 from different sports!


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Epic Parkour and Freerunning 2015

Parkour is the art of optimal overcoming obstacles and style of life founded by Frenchman David Belle. The essence of parkour is movement forward and overcoming any obstacles that appear on the way. The most famous band of parkour is Belle`s “Yamakási”.

Epic Parkour and Freerunning 1`

Daniel Spirtus, Dan Edwards, Williams Belle, Damien Wolters – these guys have achieved the highest level of professionalism.

Epic Parkour and Freerunning 2

Crazy football skills, tricks & dribbles 2015-2016

Everyone has heard about tricks in football. All those involved in football seriously, by all means seek to learn the coolest tricks that are not only beautiful, but also help to beat stronger opponents.

football skills, tricks & dribbles 2

Recently, we`ve written a post about football moves – and then another one about how to perform them.

football skills, tricks & dribbles 1

Jay-Jay Okocha, Ronaldinho, Roberto Rivelino, Maradona, René Iguita, Kruiff and many others – among the best masters of football.

Impossible Basketball Trick Shots 2015

They are called “snipers”, everybody wants to jump like they can. Lenny Wilkens, Isiah Thomas, James Worthy, John Havlicek, Walt Frazier, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal – this is a list of both simple players and legends!

Impossible Basketball Trick Shots 2

Efficiency and coordination, speed and attentiveness, agility and seeing two moves ahead – here’s how they do the crazy feints in basketball!

Impossible Basketball Trick Shots 1

Insane Ski Tricks 2015

Juha Mieto and Mika Muliula from Finland, Eddy Sixten Jernberg (Sweden), Vegard Ulvang (Norway) and many others – in professional skiing there is no place for week ones and cowards.

Insane Ski Tricks 1

Probably, nothing compares to free flight – in these minutes guys feel themselves like fish in the water!

Insane Ski Tricks 2

Generation of masters give way permanently, but something remains unchanged – the unstoppable thirst for speed and need to feel yourself the absolute champion.

Dustin Brown, King of Trick Shots, Grass Compilation, 2015

There were times when tennis was a game of aristocrats together with golf, today it has become more accessible. But the game itself did not become easier!

Tennis 2

Dustin Brown is one of the coolest authors and performers of wonderful tricks that often brought him a victory. His career in professional tennis began in 2002 year. His first tournament of the series ITFFutures Dustin Brown won in the year 2007, the next two years in a row he won in tournaments of the same series.

Tennis 1

The highest ranking of his career is 89 place in ATP, which Brown managed to reach in January 2011. Take a look at what he is doing with the paddle and the ball!

Red Bull Snowmobile – GoPro Snow mobile – Best Tricks – Amazing Stunts

Once people came up with snowmobile to move through the snow-covered areas, which you can`t overcome using an off-road car. And daring of this world and the most resourceful ones invented a new sport involving auto on ski.

Snowmobile 1

So, there were races on snowmobile, and today there is even an exciting world championship!

Snowmobile 2


BMX The Best Tricks 2015 – Bike Tricks (BMX Freestyle Kings)

The main feature of BMX is complete absence of bicycle suspension and the existence of only one gear. Furthermore, variations may be different. Another very important distinction – very small weight, within 11 kg.


Due to the peculiarities of bike and talent of the riders, there appeared a new offshoot of bicycling that brought it in the direction of acrobatics. Talented BMXers show how to do coolest feints and stunts on their bikes.


Streetfighterz Ride The Murder Biz Ride 2015 Insane Motorcycle Stunts

Sony Barger, Giacomo Agostini, Valentino Rossi, Michael Doohan, Mike Hèjlvud, Eddie Lawson, Angel Nieto and many others are famous riders of two-wheeled Pegasus. They have proven that they are the best dozens of times.

Motorcycle 1

Today, replacing them there came many new racers. Newcomers already have other motorcycles, other driving manner, and other rates. But one thing remains unchanged – a passion for speed and victories.

Motorcycle 2

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