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Wrongeaters` Confessions: I Was So Wrong!

You don’t have time to peel pomegranates – and therefore you don’t eat them? You eat cupcakes with glaze, as if you hold a bomb in your hands? You don`t get how people eat the chicken wings?


There is no messy food in the world – you just don’t know how to eat it right!

Here are a few tips for you – which will change your opinion about some foods!



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Glazed cupcakes

Probably, nobody thought about the fact whether he eats a cupcake right, being in all that glaze from head to toes. But this dessert has its rules for proper usage.

So, tear the bottom of cake with your fingers, put it on top of the glaze to make a sandwich, and then eat.

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For those who eat bananas throughout their life, it might seem absurd that someone might need the instructions of how to eat bananas. But for those who have never tried bananas (and there are many such people in the world), it can be as difficult as for you eating prickly pears, artichokes or durian.

Bananas 1

You can peel the banana, starting from the top of it as monkeys usually do. It is much easier to tear the black tip of the banana, than break a solid blade, moreover, in this case, the banana is almost not rumpled. In addition, in this case, the banana will have less fibers, and you can eat the fruit, keeping it for the remainder of the rind, as if it were a pack.

Bananas 2

Strongly squeeze the dark tip of the banana, the peel will be divided into several strips. Pull each strip down and peel off the banana.

Sandwich with sausage

Here everything is simple – according to the laws of geometry: what you need to do to perfectly draw a circle inside the square? Well, if it’s a sausage, you need to cut it right! The video shows a simple way to make sausage completely cover the piece of bread, and your sandwich won`t have any “sausage cavities”!

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Sandwich with bacon

Do you have more bread than bacon in your sandwich?

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Everything is simple, all you have to do is to weave your slices of bacon before you cook them in the grill or fry them in a pan.

??????? ? ??????? 2

This will ensure you will have an even piece of grilled bacon that will perfectly cover the surface of your bread.

Chicken wings

Everyone knows that chicken wings are the messiest food to eat, but there’s a nice little trick to succeed at this uneasy task.

Wings 1

According to smart people at Foodbeast, all you need to do to turn a chicken wing into a nugget is remove the cartilage from one of the wings.

Wings 2

This will make the bones loose. Now twist a small bone and remove it. Then make the same for the last bone and enjoy your delicious chicken meat.


When you eat an apple in a usual way, you throw away a third of the fruit. This video shows how to do it the best way.

Apple 2
Most people eat an apple from sides to the center.

In this video a guy eats the apple from bottom to top. This way you can eat the whole apple, throwing away only the stem and seeds.


If you eat the apple this way, it seems that the core doesn’t exist.


If you have a knife, you can easily peel off the orange. First cut small slices off the top and bottom of the orange. Then make some cuts on the sides of the orange, about an inch from each other. And here you go.

Oranges 1

Oranges 2


If you like pomegranates, don`t hesitate to try this method, cause it`s really the best and the quickest way to take all the seeds out of the fruit.


Cut the pomegranate into half. Then take a bowl and a wooden spoon. Now start tapping the fruit, holding it above the bowl. You will be surprised how quickly all the seeds will be in the bowl.



Candy apple

Don`t wanna a caramel nose and chin? Then forget about the advice about fresh apples.

Candy 1

The best way to eat a candy apple is to eat it in the way you would eat a fresh apple. Just turn the stick sideways and enjoy!


Buy quality foods on Jiji, create delicious dishes, feed your friends – and teach them how to eat that right!

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