The 10 Best Stag Party Ideas

Your man is getting married and you and your friends want to organize a stag party for him? Well, it must be something he won’t ever forget! Impress his with one of these 10 amazing bachelor party ideas!

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Idea #1 – Casino party

1Let your friend imagine himself a “Hangover” movie hero. Take him out to play some poker and to punt at the casino. Every true man at least once in his life would like to enter casino and spend there all night playing – both winning and losing.

Idea #2 – BBQ party

2Meat is No.1 dish of every true man. And a tasty baked and smoked meat is an inseparable part of a true stag party. As a plus, add to it lots of beer and many friends and good acquaintances. And let the party begin!

Idea #3 – Extreme party

3For the last time let your friend do something crazy without thinking of consequences. It can be a car racing, a whitewater rafting, or a bridge swinging – anything that will make all of you feel the adrenaline splashing in your head.

Idea #4 – Bowling party

4Friends, alcohol, pizza, and a nice game of bowling for the entire evening – seems like a perfect stag party for your friend.

Idea #5 – Nightclub party

5Not women only like going to the nightclubs in order to dance and have fun. Men also like drinking sweet cocktails and showing what they are capable of on the dance floor.

Idea #6 – Karaoke party

6And again, not women only possess the voice that can charm with its beauty. Men also like singing, and so does your friend after the third glass of beer. Especially if there is a good audience that is ready to loudly applause.

Idea #7 – Sports night party

7This one is very simple, but can’t miss. Arrange a stag party on the night of a big game – basketball, baseball, hockey, or whatever’s on. Take over a corner of your local sports bar and settle back to enjoy the game, ordering libations and spicy chicken wings by the dozen.

Idea #8 – “Scavenger hunt” party

8Put together a list of ridiculous items to round up, divide yourselves into two teams, and agree to meet at a specific time. Then you’re off and running. Some ideas: women’s lingerie (must be given to you by the woman wearing it); street signs (you didn’t hear it from us); the name of someone who died before 1900, rubbed off a tombstone; a wig or toupee; and a specified number of phone numbers from hot girls or their photos.

Idea #9 – Pizza & Beer party

9What can be least expensive and most homey than ordering lots of pizza, buyng lots of beer, chips and nuts, and inviting many friends home? Guys have also got some spicy stories about women to share, so take your time and make it a stag party idea.

Idea #10 – Strip party

10What else stays behind in the bachalor’s life is all other women, except for one he is going to marry. Let your friend enjoy their beuty for the last time by takig him to a strip bar. It doesn’t mean he can do anything that is considered to be improper. Just watch these beautiful ladies dancing and enjoy such a pleasant time-spending.

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