10 Tips To Make A Perfect Selfie Photo

Selfie photo shooting has become a very popular thing nowadays. Young people find it entertaining and interesting to take selfie photos together with their friends, when they are in vacation or somewhere near historical monuments. But to make a good selfie photo one must know several specialties of its process that we are going to share with you today!

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#1 – Find the perfect lightning

1The first thing to consider in every process of photo taking is the lightning. So make sure it is a natural light, so your skin looks amazing and your hair super-shiny. Stand next to a window or go outside. There is no better source of lightning than a natural one.

#2 – Know the right angle

2Knowing the right angle in photo shooting is the next thing you must turn your attention to. When talking about selfie photos, it is important to hold a selfie stick right above you. This will let your eyes look bigger and will help you avoid a pig-nose.

#3 – Wear a true smile

3Selfies are those special kinds of photos when people tend to have fake smiles. This is due to the micro-expressions of our face that show all of our tryings when attempting to make the best photo possible. The simple advice is – just don’t do that! Save your selfie photos for the happiest moments, when you will really feel yourself amazing. Then you won’t have to pretend and it will be clearly seen on the pictures.

#4 – Pick up an interesting expression

4As well as wearing a natural smile, selfie photos also prefer when you wear some extraordinary facial expressions. A closed-mouth coy smile can be just as appropriate and just as flattering as a wide, laughing grin. Just make sure you capture yourself at the moment you have an emotion, so it is 100% natural.

#5 – Try the two-handed selfie

5Agree, it’s quite complicated to make a selfie photo while holding your smart phone on one hand and attempting to not cover a lens and not shake your hand too much. In this case, you can use both of your hands for holding your smartphone and your arms can act as a frame.

#6 – Dangerous thing: selfie of the selfie

6There is one really fun and quite extraordinary idea. It is your friend taking picture of you taking selfie of yourself with a selfie stick. Believe it or not, but in those rare moments your friend will have a chance to capture some really natural emotions of success and disappointment when you don’t manage to take a good picture.

#7 – Consider the background

7There is nothing more important in selfie pictures than you and the background. This is one of things that really matter in the whole thing of selfie photos shooting. So make sure your selfie is going to be near the Eiffel tower, Coliseum, or at any other unique place.

#8 – Take a full-body shot

8Another extraordinary selfie photo is the one taken in a full-length mirror. Just angle your body to the left or right, which is generally more flattering than shooting straight on.

#9 – Invite your friends

9Your best friends are capable to make the best mood for you, and so all of your photos will be full of cheer, happiness, and genuine emotions. Don’t neglect to take your friends as your support when making selfies.

#10 – Choose the quality selfie stick

10One of the core secrets of a perfect selfie photo is a proper selfie stick which is especially useful if you want to get rid of that extended arm on the picture. So there are two basic types of selfie sticks for your attention – wired and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth variety is more preferable one as it’s really simple to connect and then you don’t have to constantly stick the cord in and out of the phone every time you want to take a picture. Besides, it is much faster.

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