10 Tips To Successful Buying & Selling Online

Buying and selling goods online has become a very popular activity nowadays. Some of the most entrepreneurial people have even turned it out to a source of their living income. But how to do it right and make it a successful business?

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Tips on Selling

Tip #1 – Take a photo

1The very first step when getting down to selling goods online should be taking photos. So take a camera and make a couple of high-quality pictures. Make sure that you have captured all the important sides of your product, and if it has the expiry date, make sure to take a photo of it as well, so the customer may see he is dealing with a reliable seller.

Tip #2 – Write a description

2Don’t be lazy to write a unique description of each and every of your products. Don’t use the manufacturers’ standard description, try to dig deeper and get the customer truly interested. For this, you should identify your potential targeted audience and what it is especially passionate about. You see, passion is the power that is able to take your potential customer’s hand and reach for the wallet in order to buy a product you are offering. So write your description the way the cyclist would love to purchase your bicycle, or a chief-cooker would never resist having your chocolate for baking his cakes.

Tip #3 – Contact information

3Make sure you provide the relevant contact information, such as your cell phone number or an email address so the customer can reach you easily. Keep your cell phone with you 24 hours a day as the purchase request can come at any time. And you are surely not interested to miss an important call from a potential buyer.

Tips #4 – Money back guarantee

4Make your customer trust you even more by offering them a money back guarantee. It is a simple human psychology that people are ready to make any decisions that foresee less risk. In this case, your potential customer will stay more calm if he knows that he will get his money back in case the product doesn’t meet his expectations.

Tip #5 – Ask your customers

5In a couple of weeks, after a successful transaction, call or write to your customer asking about the product you have sold to them. This can help you both understand the requirements of your targeted audience better and will put you in light of a reliable seller. This will play a good role in your advertisement as your customers will talk about you and will advise you to their friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances.

Tips on Buying

Tip #1 – Use reliable websites

6The first sign to indicate a secure web site is that its address should start from ‘https://’. This means it is an officially registered web site, and its owners and administrators have passed a checkout for reliability. Secondly, ask your friends and colleagues what web sites for online shopping are the most reliable ones. And thirdly, check if the web site provides information about its sellers.

Tip #2 – Check the seller’s reputation

7The first thing you should look at must be the selling history of the person you intend to buy a product from. Maybe there are some comments from the previous customers that will help you make the right opinion about the salesperson. It is also important to make sure you have full contact details and not just a cell phone number of your potential seller. Before actually purchasing the product, contact the salesperson and ask him/her all of the interesting for you questions about its quality and the expiration date if there is such.

Tip #3 –Know the product

8When calling a salesperson the key questions about the product should be:

1) whether the product is legal;

2) whether there is a service center nearby in case of repair necessity (refers to electronics mostly);

3) what guarantees will you be provided.

Tips #4 – Specify the deadline of possible return

9It is important if the seller is ready to accept a return of the product or not. It serves as an indicator of the seller’s reliability and that he/she is completely sure that his/her product is of a high quality. Besides, it’s important to specify the deadline when you will still be able to make a return. In case you don’t do it and exceed a deadline for possible return, you will no longer be able to get your money back.

Tip #5 – Use credit cards and secure payment

10In comparison to debit cards, credit cards have their advantages in their safety usage. The main advantage is that the credit card is in no way linked to the banking accounts you might possess. Another benefit is that credit cards are limited in their monetary amount, so in case if your card data is stolen, any transactions will be banned by the issuing bank.

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