Why You Shouldn’t Pay In Advance?

Many online stores are work by prepaid system – requiring advance payment, a bona fide store only insures itself against risk. This means  that it can offer you the goods at a better price. How it works? Now let us explain.
Four buyersacts who make online shopping work on a prepaid basis:

  •     “I changed my mind to take the shoes out of the red deer, I want another from the skin of a raccoon!” Purchaser will deliver the goods to the region, but buyer changed his mind to buy it. The store has lost money on shipping, and even lose them to send back.
  • “On the right shoe lace shorter. Take shoes, return the money! “After buying suddenly found a fail. Shop have to return all the money (including postage).
  • “Ghost Town” The buyer simply does not come to pick up goods. The store pays for shipping, storing and sending back. And if the courier was involved – and even for his work.
  • “I want the same, but with pearl buttons!” The buyer has received the goods, but asked to replace it with a similar. Store sent a new one, but the buyer did not send anything. The store is losing money for the second goods + for its delivery.

All these risks are online stores that operate without an advance payment, lay in the price of the goods originally. And those that operate with prepaid, can sell the goods at a better price. That’s just the confidence of customers to the shop with prepayment is justifiably low. After all, often on such a scheme really work fraudsters.

On Jiji everyone can post ad for FREE, of course, we try to verify the sellers, but it is not always possible! Remember – politics of Jiji does not include prepayment in any form! We are not the cyte os certain firm – we just help sellers to meet the buyers in their city!

Only when you can personally meet with the seller to inspect the goods and pay on the spot – it’s the most reliable and safest type of transaction. But it does not always work, so if you order goods with delivery or pay in advance, then you should know some rules in order not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

If you find the desired product or service on Jiji and are ready to make a deal on your ad, do not hurry: first of all, check out a few tips to help you avoid deception and disappointment:
Ads form
Even a general view of the ad can tell you how honest and reliable the author.

Be careful and cautious if:

  • in the title and / or text ads a lot of spelling mistakes, unclear or incomplete description of goods / services;
    the title and / or text in a foreign language, written or translated in translit automatic translator;
  • in the “Contact Person” specified fictional nickname (the Seller), the name of a foreign language (Chen Wu) or a strange set of symbols;
  • the phone number is specified in any other country, but not Nigeria your (US, UK, Cameroon, etc.).

Product and its description

Remember that honest seller will always use a detailed, clear description of each of the goods. Note the following:

  • Product features (wear, cracks, color, shape, number of items, packaging), it is important to discuss before you have decided to buy, rather than post-factum! Used goods which you buy privately, non-refundable (unless, of course, the seller does not agree to take it back and return the money to you in case of any misunderstanding). Very good, if the seller still has the warranty card or checks;
  • pre-specify all the characteristics of the goods, ask seller to send additional photos;
  • at the meeting, make sure that the product fully complies with the description in the advertisement and, if possible, check the on-site before paying.

http://blackgirllonghair.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/online_shopping_main_article.jpgPrice – a very important parameter
If find the goods that you are interested in, for too low, “attractive” or conditional price, it may mean that it serves only to attract your attention with a view to fraud.

Payment and delivery
Specify a payment method at the first stage! Choose the easiest way to pay – in cash. Note: partial or full prepayment to a bank card – known fraud scheme. Never send money abroad! Stipulate a safe and convenient way to deliver the goods in advance, check how firmly packed goods. Also, do not forget to discuss who will pay for the delivery of it – you or the seller.

The best option – to meet the seller!

Be always on the alert, use common sense in all transactions, and if in doubt, do not part with your money.  Use safety tips when buying and selling!

Have only good deals with Jiji!