5 Tips To Differentiate A Good And A Bad Product

“The quantity doesn’t always mean quality” – this has become especially vivid nowadays with the appearance of lots of products of all kinds but of different qualitative features. How to differentiate a good and a bad product and select the high-quality one? Let’s read about it today.

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#1 – Packaging & Price

1At least once in a lifetime everyone has fallen for a gorgeous box or sleek tube of some product, but most frequently the best products come in the simplest packaging. Of course, it is very good if you have a chance to test a product before actually buying it, but in most cases, it’s forbidden to open the packaging, especially when it comes to the beauty products. What should you turn your attention to then? Consider the quality of the cardboard or plastic the package is made of. If it is too thin, flimsy and cheap, it is very likely that the inside is the same. But if it is made of a nice material even though not as flashy as you’d like it to be, then the manufacturer might value its product and take care of it as about a good one.

It is also important to notice the price of the product itself as compared to the market average cost. It should be slightly higher the average which means the materials it is made of are of not the lowest quality and the manufacturer hasn’t spent too much on advertisement as its quality is its best indicator.

#2 – Ingredients & Components

2Regardless of its popularity and its price, make sure you know the ingredients and the components the product is made of. Whether it is a new body lotion – make sure you know what chemicals it includes and which ones of them are safe and dangerous for your skin. The same thing regards to electronics – there are different iPhones – the ones made in the USA and in China, manufactured of good expensive and bad cheap materials. Make sure you get all the information about such details from the seller, only after that you can make your own estimation whether it is a good or a bad product.

#3 – Promotion & Sales

3It has become increasingly popular to promote your product nowadays. And the better you do it, the more potential customers you can get. But it is also a well-known fact that a good product doesn’t need much promotion. And it is the first alert sign that the product is not as good as we wished it to be if it is being advertised everywhere by using big boards, mass media, Internet, email-out, and so on. It is a reason to think and reconsider the quality of the product if the seller is too insisting with promoting it. It is also a reason to revaluate the product by the frequency of sales organized by the producer. If there are too many goods left to sell at the dicount that no one wanted to buy, maybe there is a logical reason for that. Truly good products are always of high demand.

#4 – Comments

4Another tip to help you differentiate a good and a bad product is the comments left by the previous customers. Keep in mind, that some online shopping sites employ people to write positive comments on their products. In order to detect a fiction, notice the amount of comments. If there are lots of them to one product, it is more likely they are real ones. If there are just 2-3 good comments, it is 90% they are the paid ones. It is also important if there are some bad comments about the product from people who didn’t really like it. For example, those could be the comments about the inconvenience of the body lotion bottle, or that the size of the smart phone is too big that it doesn’t fit the palm. In a word, the comments must carry a practical meaning that one can see it was written by a real user.

#5 – Feedback

5Another feature of a good product is the feedback from the seller after the transaction has been made. If the manufacturer contacts you within a week to learn whether you liked the product or not, it means he/she really cares about the reputation of their brand and that you will get the best service possible. For this, you can ask your friends and acquaintances whether they got a feedback call after purchasing this or that product. Moreover, you can call the seller before actually ordering a product and ask him.??? about its quality. A sign of a truly good product is when a seller him/herself uses it in everyday life.

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