5 Tips To Pick Up The Right Birthday Present For Your Wife

The further your wife’s birthday is, the more nervous you become. At first, you keep thinking what special present to pick up this time and then can’t stay calm thinking whether she will like your present? And the same situation occurs each and every year? Our best advice for you is to calm down and accept that fact that women will always remain a mystery for men. Just read about these simple 5 advices of how to pick up a birthday present for your wife and go purchasing it.

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To begin with, the worst question that you could ever ask your wife is “What present would you like for your birthday?” Remember, that women like surprises. It’s also essential to remember the presents of the previous years as women don’t like it when they are given the same presents twice. They want their partners to be a little bit more creative and imaginative. That’s the first step to make her surprised with your birthday present.

Tip #1 – It’s forbidden to repeat

1Of course, if you buy her another ring with a diamond, she will not refuse to accept it. But it’s a different thing if you buy her another hair drier, knives set, or a shower gel. Birthday is a special day you wife always keeps looking forward to. And how to get to know what she wants as her birthday preset without asking her read in the second tip.

Tip #2 – Catch her gaze

2Women give us the hints of what they want every day. All you should do is observe your wife’s reaction on different things. For this, you can go to the shopping mall together and while your wife will be watching the goods at the window displays, don’t lose your vigilance and observe what things make her eyes inflamed.

Tip #3 – Buy her happiness

3If you don’t know what present to purchase for your wife, start a conversation on any topic not connected to presents and slightly move to the topic about things that make people happy. In this case you will surely not be mistaken as you will get to know what your beloved one is dreaming about. Maybe it’s not the new curtains for your bedroom, but an inframed family photo. In any case, your sweetheart will be delighted by the man who can bring her even smallest dreams to life.

Tip #4 – Favorite old thing

4Women fall in love with one definite thing very often. It can be a dress, a bag, or a favorite perfume. And this favorite thing they won’t ever replace by anything else, except for that same favorite thing. Try to find that same brand, design, or color. Men, in order to get a hint, all you should do is ask, “Honey, why do you always buy Chanel?”, and get ready to listen. She will gladly tell you all 100 reasons and will be happy to have new Chanel perfume as her birthday present.

Tip #5 – 100% sure target hit

5Every person has their dreams that haven’t become true yet. You can only imagine her surprise when you buy her a huge Teddy bear. In order to get to know about such unrealized dream of hers, you should talk to her parents, relatives, friends and learn what she used to like in her childhood. All of us are pleased to remember our younger years and to experience the warmest moments of those times once again.

By the way, don’t forget about the flowers. It doesn’t matter what present you have prepared, without flowers it loses its value.


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