7 Tips To Change Your Life For The Better

It’s hard to find a person who wouldn’t want to become a successful and happy one. We are learning, improving, and trying to find new sources for inspiration. But not everyone knows how to use what is given to us – someone is consciously walking the life-road, and someone is continuously complaining at their terrible fate. So here are 10 tips that can help you look at life from another perspective and maybe change it a bit…or…entirely and completely.

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#1 – Improvise

1If you intend to impress the person you really like or would like to become closer with, then you shouldn’t follow any patterns of conversation or behavior – you have to be original. Funk up your gestures, the tone of your voice, and other self-reproductive things. Make everything possible just to make that person remember you.

#2 – Refer to people by name

2The best method to make an impression on someone at the first conversation is to call him or her by the name. The person you will be talking to will be flattered. And it can be explained simply – the name is an inseparable part of human personality. That’s why when we hear our name we have a positive reaction on the person who pronounces it.

#3 – Don’t correct others

3Another tip you should take into consideration if you want to impress someone and then have an impact on that person is to listen to that someone talking without correcting him/her. At the same time, it is not important if he/she is right or not, your task is to let the person think you are interested.

#4 – Try to look in the eyes of your companion

4As our eyes are our soul’s reflection, when we look at them, there are more chances to get to know a person better. The main thing is to take away a fixity and suspiciousness of your own look. A calm and peaceful look will put your companion on a positive wave and he will open up for you more willingly. Besides, your companion will feel you are the person who can be trusted, so he’ll be more honest in the conversation.

#5 – Change a surrounding atmosphere

5It is more a practical tip as it means that you should literally change the conditions of your housekeeping. Move the furniture, change the curtains and wallpaper. Buy a new big plasma TV and enjoy your evenings spent with family and friends watching comedies.

#6 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

6Asking for help doesn’t necessarily mean you are weak. Asking for help is a natural and excepted thing, just keep in mind that you are not allowed to cross the borders. Don’t put your own problems on someone else’s shoulders sitting and waiting when they will solve them for you. You should just ask for assistance from more experienced in such situations people.

#7 – Talk positive, think positive, be positive

7Try not to let the negative thoughts enter your mind. Remember, they are indeed material. Events that come to our lives are the consequences of our own thinking; it’s the result of the pictures we create in our brain ourselves. There is no doubt, that sometimes it’s hard to control your emotions that have their influence on our thoughts. And there are such life situations that make us believe we don’t have enough strength to handle them. But believe me, the darkest time of the day comes right before the dawn.

@ Sweet talk

8This special tip is going to be the last one and especially for those who want to achieve heights in their career. It is for the most reckless and desperate workaholics. Sweet talking can become your best friend when climbing a career ladder. Moreover, it is widely advised by many business trainers to sweet talk with your supervisors. The thing is that sometimes it may contradict your own personal values, so it’s up to you whether to follow this advice or find some other methods to get the desirable.

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