8 Tips For Increasing Your Home Value

If you dream of buying a bigger home or moving to another location, first you need to sell your old property. Unfortunately, with time any real estate gradually loses its value, which means that 10 years after you first bought your house or apartment, it may cost significantly less than what you initially paid for it, especially if during all this time there was little to no renovation. However, with our 10 helpful tips you’ll grow your home resale value without spending too much money and effort.

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1. Start from the outside

An essential component of a successful sale of a house is curb appeal, or how good your home looks from the street. This includes trimming up the garden, painting the fence, fixing the broken parts of the house exterior, and updating the paint or material the exterior is made of. With the help of these easy renovations you’ll make viewers like your house before they even step inside, making them ready to pay more.

2. Declutter your home

Although cluttered houses and apartments clearly look like someone lives in them, they can nonetheless spoil the first impression of the potential buyers. When you’re getting your house ready for viewing, try your best at getting rid of anything that can get in the way of visitors or simply make your home look untidy and messy. Cleaning the house won’t cost you anything, but it’s a great way to spruce up property before sale.

3. Clean or replace the bath and sink

If you have white sinks and baths in your home that haven’t been replaced for a while, chances are they look slightly worn out and maybe have a few streaks of dirt or rust. You can start by giving them a proper cleaning with the help of cleaning liquids and tools. If one cleaning session is not enough, try it once more. However, if the bath and the sink are in a really bad condition, it might be better to replace them with new ones to make the home look neater.

4. Get new appliances

Kitchen is a very important part of every home and a place where the whole family will spend a lot of time, so it makes sense to put a lot of effort into sprucing it up. Adding a couple of home appliances to the kitchen can have a surprisingly significant impact on the overall look of your house. Get a new blender, microwave, or juicer, and you’ll not only have more help in the kitchen, but will also increase the chances of selling the home for a good price.

5. Refresh the paint

There are a lot of things that can give away the owner’s negligence regarding his property, but chipped and cracked paint is by far the most obvious one. To avoid scaring viewers away by an old, ugly paint job, invest in a couple of paint jars and spend a weekend upgrading the paint around the house. You can start from the outside and gradually move inside. Don’t just paint walls – doors, window sills and other details need a little attention too!

6. Fix broken lights

There is probably one or two lighting fixtures in your home that have gone out of order a while ago and nobody is rushing to replace them. The whole household is probably used to it. But think about house viewers who see a missing light bulb or a cracked lamp. They’ll feel like the house is being neglected and therefore not worth even considering. Replacing a light bulb is not expensive, but it can significantly improve your chances of selling the home for a good price.

7. Get rid of old carpets

Carpets are a great way to improve the appearance of the home, but if the carpets in your house or apartment are a decade old, they probably don’t look as nice as they once used to. If you’re not planning to replace the old carpets with new ones any time soon, and the old carpets no longer look presentable, it’s best to just roll up the carpets and put them into your garage – trust us, your home will look better without them.

8. Add some art

Home decor is an endless field for discussions – some feel like it’s best to keep it simple, while others won’t miss an opportunity to buy another painting or sculpture. Even if you don’t particularly welcome art in your home, adding a couple of paintings or photographs to the living room will make the house look warmer and more lived in, which will ultimately leave a good impression on the viewers, improving your chances of a successful sale.

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