Bachelor’s Den Interior That Melts Woman’s Heart

Fashionable design trends are always based on a certain banal concept. Everyone is used to the classical approaches: blue for boys, pink – for girls. SBritish sientists say that there is a scientific explanation for all this and the millions of dollars spent on research, but others say that the children just like these colors. And yet, it seems that this is only a good marketing! In the nursery, especially for newborns, all more or less clear: the blueand pink point gender of the baby. For the “adult” space situation is slightly more complicated. There is no longer a clear division: this is only for girls, and this is only for boys. Many women may like the so-called man’s interiors, and some men feel themselves perfectly in the space created by a woman’s hand in accordance with the taste of  these hands mistress.

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But there are certain common features that are clearly visible in bachelor apartments or homes of families where the man’s view dominates. In these interiors, we immediately feel a certain strength, courage, brutality, sometimes primitive power.

One of these features is the pursuit to open space. Freedom of movement and control over territory are inherent in the nature of a true male. If you can not create in the open-plan apartment, then at least in some areas should be a maximum of space. This often leads to a minimalistic interior  and strict functionality. There should not be anything extra: a minimum of furniture and the almost complete lack of decor. If a woman is constantly striving to decorate dwelling, gets new figurines, cushions, napkins and other decorations, the man often have neither the time nor the inclination. Thus, the severity and the almost complete lack of decor – one of the hallmarks of masculine interior.

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The color scheme of the masculine interiors is mostly neutral and muted. Dominate shades of natural wood, stone and metal. Often you can find in the men’s space a large amount of black. With the right approach, it does not make the interior dark and mourning, but rather give it elegance and chic. If a man dares to add to his interior bright accents, then, most likely, it will be fiery shades of red and orange – a strong and aggressive.

The lighting in the manly interior occupies an important place. You will rarely find a massive central chandelier. Rather, a man will use local subdued light lamp, wall or hidden illumination.

Style of male interior can be different. Often – this ultra-modern style. Men tend to follow all the novelties in the field of technology, and will try to furnish the dwelling in accordance with the latest trends.

Many men like a cabinet-like style. It causes an abundance of wood trim and furniture, as well as leather upholstery of  chairs and sofas. The owner of the premises is respectable .No doubt, interiors presented in this article will appeal to many of the fair sex. And some of them may help to better understand their partners.

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