Business Ideas With Minimal Investment 2016

Some enterprising people can win even in time of a crisis!

Many find the strength to understand how to establish and keep your business during political and economic problems. And there is no doubt that the important thing here is to offer a service that is really relevant, and the business does not require big investments.


And the company started in such a difficult time, after the stabilization of the economy will evolve successfully later on!


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Mobile phones repair

Today there is a boom in the mobile market!

Mobile phones repair 1

Today smartphone is not a part of the image, it is an indicator of a status of a person, people spent enormous amounts on that. If some 2-3 years ago when prices for mobile devices were smaller, buying a shiny new smartphone in case of a breakage of old one was not the problem. But with the advent of the crisis in the country it is more profitable to repair a mobile phone, this fact led to the demand for services of mobile phones repair.

Mobile phones repair 2

Do not know how to repair the electronics yourself? Use your head – organize people who have these skills, and control their work!

Mobile phones repair 3

How I made a successful cell phone repair business!

How I made a successful cell phone repair business and you can as well! please comment below and tell me what you like to see next. You can buy replacement parts and repair tools at:

Mobile apps for kids

It’s no secret that almost everyone has mobile phones or tablets, even kids, and there are no mobile apps that are targeted on children of different age groups.


What do you need for organizing such a case:

  • special software;
  • knowledge of child psychology (as an assistant you can use your children or nephews, nieces);
  • desire to work.

Mobile apps for kids 2

And regarding ideas, you can simply optimize ready-made ideas solely for the children audience. As a simple example, a video application that chooses cartoons from Youtube on a specific topic!

Mobile apps for kids 3

Simple Mobile Apps That Made Millions

Top 7 of the most simple and basic cellphone applications that made a lot of money. Subscribe to our channel: Other Videos You Might Like The Youngest Self Made Millionaires: Expensive Stuff Only The Rich Can Afford: Description: The latest “get rich quick” scheme lies in mobile apps.

Mobile beauty salon

Today there appeared many mobile services: mobile auto repair, mobile planetarium, mobile coffee shop, and even a café-on-wheels. So it wouldn`t be that hard to “put” another service on the wheels – beauty shop, for example. For customers this is a big time-saver, for the owner of a beauty salon – in addition to payment for services, this is a significant reduction of costs.

Mobile beauty salon 1

We are talking about a kind of a mini beauty studio, organized in spacious van or in a comfortable bus.

Mobile beauty salon 2

Interestingly, according to the polls, the clients are attracted not only by the chance to save another hour on a road trip to a stationary beauty shop, but also the unusual format of business!

Mobile beauty salon 3


No Description

Recycling business

One of the fastest growing industry in the world is the recycling of household waste, the heaps of garbage today bring multimillion-dollar profits.


By the way, when it comes to business at recycle, they immediately talk about the high threshold of occurrence (seed capital), the exception here would be recycling plastic bottles and waste paper. But the experts predict the growth of an entirely new niche of small business to recycle, namely collecting and recycling of home appliances.

Recycling business 2

On the one hand, they take charge for removal waste, on the other hand disassembly and sale of component parts of appliances bring good profits.

Recycling business 3


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Sales of organic produce delivered to your door

In recent years, the “horror stories” about the contents of foods, mass poisonings of poor quality products, and other similar information, the demand for the safe natural products grew up significantly.

Sales of organic produce delivered to your door 1

This business idea can be implemented in two ways:

  • own production – growing vegetables and fruits, having poultry, growing fish, etc, and selling that;
  • buying farm products and reselling.

Sales of organic produce delivered to your door 2

One of the innovations of this business is the organization of delivery of eco-products, so to say from the garden directly on the table, with a guarantee of freshness.

Sales of organic produce delivered to your door 3

Quit Your Job and Farm – PART 1 – 10 Small Farm Ideas, from Organic Farming to Chickens & Goats.

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Develop your business, promote your products and services using the biggest portal of free ads in Nigeria –! More than 150 000 classifieds and more than 4.6 million visits per month! They will definitely hear you!



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