How To Catch Your Chief’s Attention To Help Your Career Growth

There are many people who haven’t achieved anything at work and probably will never do. The reason is not that they lack professionalism or some knowledge. They are just ordinary workaholics who don’t know what else except for long hours of work they should do in order to start building their career successfully.

Jiji is opening these secrets for you today!

Secret #1 – Be ambitious

1One of the best methods to catch your chief’s attention is to be ambitious and initiative. There is no employer who will withstand it because when the employees do what they were asked only and are waiting for the salary, it disappoints. Show you are interested and that you are willing to help in achieving the common goal. Your chief will recognize your ambitions which are the first step in your career ladder.

Secret #2 – Do more than it’s required

2And again, you mustn’t just come and go from work and do your required minimum. If you do so, then this is just “wearing out the seat of your trousers”. Those who achieve success always take more tasks and more responsibilities than it’s been required from them. Develop the business together with your boss. Understand what is pushing forward both the business and your boss. Try, learn, and develop on your own.

Secret #3 – Gossip less

3Office gossips are like grannies’ talkings on the bench. It’s natural that everyone wants to know who, why, and where someone did, said or didn’t do or say. But this is simply a waste of time. The managers with the right mind do not like those who gossip. And some of them even start gossiping just to know who is who and what they are occupied with in their non-working time. That’s why remember this simple truth – the fewer secrets you keep, the more soundly you sleep.

Secret #4 – Be a volunteer

4This is a mixture of the secrets 1 and 2 – you should take the additional responsibilities upon yourself in advance. Sometimes you should be the first to pay with your time and efforts before you will get paid back. Just don’t do it secretly. If there is a chance to volunteer – make this contribution to your chief’s trust openly. And be sure these seeds will provide you with the harvest in the nearest future.

Secret #5 – The way to man’s heart lies through his stomach

5If your superior is a man, then this rule regards to him as well (especially if you are a woman). Of course, you shouldn’t take the pasties to work every day, but once a month you could bring some donuts or cupcakes. This will be surely appreciated both by your colleagues and by your boss.

Secret #6 – Chief’s Birthday

6Get to know the date of your chief’s birthday and create a reminder in your calendar. It’s not necessary to present a 10-years old Hennessey, but to buy a small souvenir is a nice sign of your respect to him that he will surely remember.

Secret #7 – Regard to him as to a human

7Big bosses are also people. That you should understand and that’s why you should regard to your director as to an ordinary human. For this, it’s necessary to possess sincerity and understanding which most of the employees lack nowadays. Be friendly and open; try to get to know him better. Generally speaking, become his good friend and everything will be just right!

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