How To Choose Effective Trainers

It is quite natural that busy people buy trainers and exercise at home.


But before you buy a trainer, it’s important to know the criteria for their selection. If you really know what result you want to achieve, we will help you choose the most suitable home exerciser!

Man in a gym running on a treadmill.

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Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are relatively inexpensive and take small place.There are spinning, magnetic exercise bikes, etc.

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People suffering from varicose veins or those who have a weak spine can purchase a special recumbent exercise bike. This type of simulator has pedals that are at the top at the stomach level. Lying on your back, you rotate the legs in front of you, without loading your spine. New models of exercise bikes come with software that will help you monitor time, speed and pulse.

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Some of them even have ready training programs to achieve a particular objective or different objectives: burn fat, build endurance or simply exercise.



During a workout on a treadmill you involve not only leg muscles, but also the rest of the muscles of the body responsible for the coordination.

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Choosing electric treadmill, pay attention to the power of this trainer. It depends on the weight of a potential “athlete”. For example, if you have a weight of 80 kg, then the motor with a stable capacity of about 1.5 horsepower would  be sufficient (by the way, don’t forget that constant power differs from the peak one. If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you will need a treadmill with 1.5-2.75 HP.

Treadmill 1

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High-speed characteristics: if you are planning to engage yourself in a rapid walking, the track with the regime of 10 km/h would be enough.


The speed for sprinting – from 13 km/h to 16 km/h. It is also very important that the running surface was approximately 50-60 centimeters in width and approximately 1.5 meters in length. This way it will be more comfortable to train.


Stepper imitates going up the stairs. And you need to push each stair down.More advanced steppers have special rails that you can use if you are already tired. And very cool types of steppers have handrails connected to the levers for hands.

Steppers 2

So, you will have the opportunity to develop not only the leg muscles, but also your hands and back. Huge advantage of home stepper is its size, because even the most sophisticated stepper takes small space in your apartment.

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Elliptical trainers

There are two types of elliptical trainers

  • In the first one the hand levers are connected to the pedals.
  • If you would like to work on separate muscle groups, then you should choose the second type of elliptical trainer, where handrails and pedals are not connected to each other.

Elliptical 4

In elliptical trainer you can regulate the level of load, exercise on a built-in program to monitor heart rate, time and the lost calories. This trainer weighs about 80-100 kg: you will need not less than 2 square meters to place it.

Elliptical 1

The main advantages of the elliptical trainer are safety and high efficiency of training: there is no impact on the knee joints, or on the spine. Leg muscles train much more intensively than when running or walking. In addition, the handrails of the elliptical trainer help develop arms, shoulders, chest and back without additional exercises.

Elliptical 2


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