How To Choose Goods? Tips For Buyers

A virtual purchase may become a risky undertaking. However, the risks can be minimized if you know the basic rules of shopping on the Internet.

On one hand, you risk to fall into the hands of fraudsters, on the other hand – non-professionals, who are trying to make quick money on the Internet-commerce. As a result, you do not receive your goods on time or you get it, but not of the quality you expected. Or you can never see your awaited product you`ve paid for.


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How to choose a reliable store

Defining a reliable store is quite simple. It works for more than a year (which is not possible if the working methods are untruthful). The site necessarily has a legal address, bank details and fixed phones (this is important).


In addition, a good shop has at its disposal a rich selection of products according to its specialization, the site is professionally made, and managers are always in touch.

If the Internet store works in good faith, there will be lots of positive feedback from customers. Of course, it is not so simple with those feedbacks: competitors can write negative feedback, and the sellers can act under the guise of satisfied customers. It is therefore not right to study only the forum, which works directly with the store. You can search for reviews in different blogs and independent forums (search engine will help you with that).


Delivery terms

Probably one of the most important issues. Carefully study the shipping cost to your location, as well as, the list of delivery services – and select the best for yourself. Goods can be delivered either at the point of receipt of the delivery service, or directly to your home.


Think what will be more profitable – to carry large home-appliances yourself or pay a little more and the product will be brought directly to your house and put to the right place.

What to buy or not to buy on the Internet

Good store has a rich selection of products according to its specialization, the site is made professionally, and managers are always in touch.


You need to think twice before buying foodstuff with delivery. It may be that the bread will be not so fresh, as you’d expected, the vegetables are not as beautiful as they looked at the picture, and meat products “handicap” the last days of the expiration date. But you can`t blame the vendors, because they brought you all that you ordered.


Make up products and perfume can also be a problem, because you cannot feel the smell over the Internet. You also need to be careful with the purchase of clothing and shoes – after all, you can choose the wrong size. This does not mean that you cannot buy online all the mentioned goods. You can, but only from the stores with a good reputation, or on the recommendations.


It is nice to order different technique on the Internet: smartphones, laptops, air-conditioners, refrigerators etc. You can save significantly on this kind of goods, all packed, instructions included. But don`t forget to take the warranty card as well.

Discount programs & hot deals

Before purchasing the goods do not be lazy to find the online shop section with discount programs and hot deals, you can buy something almost twice cheaper!


However, you should carefully check such goods – unscrupulous salesmen can spread in the section “hot deals” the old models of devices, and sometimes – furniture, appliances and other goods that has been used.

Payment method

Most online shops offer several payment methods. This can be a bank transfer, transfer through eWallet or payment to the courier, who delivers the order.


To avoid potential problems, it is better to give preference to the latter way of payment. In this case, you can check the quality of the goods before you give money for it.

You can use other payment methods only if the purchase is made in a shop with a good reputation.


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