How Finally Start To Get Enough Sleep

Julius Caesar advised to go to bed at the first urge to sleep and sleep until wake up – regardless of the time of day. However, in the end, he died from the twenty-three stab wounds, so his expertise in these matters is uncertain. So tips on how to sleep enought, even if you sleep a few hours, we have taken from the works of H. Stern and S. Lazenby – biologists from scientific and military agency DARPA, a lot of experimenting with sleep.

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At first remember a few general rules:

If you sleep less than three hours per day, you will never get enought sleep at all. It’s the law.

There are no legal ways to get rid of sleep altogether. It may help only clinical death: as a result of it, some lucky people pick Sleep state misperception – a rare mental illness – and for all cease to sleep. But the chances are slim, history knows hardly a dozen cases. There is nharmless lack of sleep. If you’re chronically deviate from individual biorhythms for at least half an hour, you will asquire changed levels of sugar in the blood, stronger than usual, hunger, problems with libido and loss of reaction, including emotional. The longer you not getting enough sleep, the higher the risk.

In other hand the quality of sleep can be adjusted using simple habits.

Do not even think:

Wake up in the same time.
This common council could not pass experimental verification. Experiments have shown that the body is much more sensitive to the moment of falling asleep and not waking up. Therefore, if your psychoanalyst (or mother, or both) insisted on mode, then try to go to bed too in the same time.

Turn on a nightlight.
The worst thing that you can wait in the dark bedroom – is smelly sock on the pillow, so set aside your children’s fears and turn off all the lights in bedroom. This is true, by the way, even for the indicators on the modem, the moon and the red eyes of those deadman who lives in the closet. The darker the room, the higher the quality of sleep. If the lights can not be extinguish by curtains or consoles, sleep in an eye sling.

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Have breakfast when watching TV.
In the first half hour after wakingup brain should not absorb the new information (particularly about the crisis and the repression of the opposition). Otherwise, starting the mechanism of protective inhibition, and you are will not be able to act for a long time.

Gluttonize in the days of hectic activity.
The more you eat, the more time is required for the body to sleep. Remember pythons, which after ingestion deer lie still for weeks. Do you think they are assigned to this time the important meetings and brainstorming sessions?

Hold back tears.
With tears removes excess cortisol – a stress hormone. If it is a lot, it starts to interfere with the activities of another hormone, which in turn regulates sleep. So do not try to appear strong: at half past four, you’re alone, tossing and turning on the bed … Become imbued of self-pity. Come on, rag! You can not even cry, like a man! That’s another matter.

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Suppress a yawn in the morning.
Yawning mechanism has not yet been fully studied, but  for some time it became researchers discovered that, by yawning, you’re trying to awake yourself, not lull! So yawning is contraindicated night, but in morning – is prescribed. With a big yawn, you will wake up faster.

Catch up on sleep for the whole week.
Experiments have shown that lack of sleep can make up for a half day. If Vigil happened the day before yesterday, catch up on sleep has not come out. The body will fix the damage (mainly affected nerve cells), and will live on.

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Make it a rule:

Expect sleep.
Sleep consists of five phases, changing 4-6 times per night. The maximum you get up refreshed after a phase of REM, which occurs around the end of every 90 minutes. That is why you will sleep enough better 4.5 hours than 5.5 and 6 hours is better than 7. In general try to sleep a multiple one and a half hours. If it’s difficult buy a smart alarm clock with a wristband. Or download on a smartphone one of the respective programs (Sleep Cycle for iOS, Sleep as Android for Android, G-Alarm for Windows Phone).

Turn on a light immediately after you woke up.
The light level should ideally be 40-60 thousand lux. The sun is in the window can still give it, but the ceiling light bulbs – not always. Therefore, keep beside lamp. And remember: the whiter it is, the murderous and treacherous it will shine.

Drink a glass of water in the morning.
We could have a long time to explain why you need it, using the words “ghrelin” and “peptide chain”, but you better just believe: the less you sleep, the more water your body need to keep itself in good shape.

Sleeping in the afternoon.
Separate sleep – a good way to get cheerfulness. If you are sleepyin the middle of the day, lie down and go to sleep for 15 minutes, until the supervisor left to repair the whip. This sleep easy interrupted, it can be repeated every 4 hours, and it allows the body to recover.

Open the window.
The optimum temperature in the bedroom – 21 ° C. It is better to take a warmer blanket than sleeping under the sheets, but in the heat. By the way, the body has to sink into sleep, being little chilled. Before going to bed do not acceuse pt the hot tub (it only creates the illusion that you are worn out, while tone is increased), but a cool shower. Then dived under the covers, you’re guaranteed to fall asleep.

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Going to sleep with ritual.
Before going to bed  always carry out around the same set of actions. Better something without physical exertion. Or mental. Ideally suited dull uninteresting things: check the locks on the door, brush your teeth, feed the hostages in the basement. After some time, this avtions will associate with sleep and will help you fall asleep faster.

Do not sleep if you do not want.
Forcing yourself to lie with closed eyes – a senseless act of self-abasement. If you get up and do things before four in the morning, and then lie down for an hour, it normalizes the circadian rhythms to the next night. Poor, if the situation is repeated constantly – then this is insomnia. The complaint, with which you should go to the doctor!

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