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Fresh Ideas For Small Business 2016

Some business niches go into the shade, while others are gaining strength. The market works according to the laws of cycling. So it is quite stupid to look for a “super-unique” technique which will immediately guarantee that you`ll become a millionaire.


On long distance win the classic business models, in which you will be able to bring something new, something modern and creative. Actually, this is the main secret of success in business.

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 Dining in the dark

In metropolitan regions, this idea has already been successfully implemented, but on the periphery, the number of such places is minimal or zero, which opens up certain possibilities.

Dining in the dark 1

The bottom line is that this is a typical restaurant or a coffee shop, with one difference – the light is completely absent. Customers reach their places with your help, order food in a specific scheme and eat in total darkness, completely yielding to their inner feelings.

Dining in the dark 3

Dining in the dark 4

The waiters here are often people who have no sight since their childhood. It turns out to be a social business, and it is quite likely that local mass media will immediately write about it – so you don`t even need to advertise yourself!

Dining in the dark 2

Medical consulting service

We are not talking about medical services without special education – we talk about related services.

Medical consulting 1

How much are you aware of the number of hospitals in the city? About the prices for dental services? And where do you have the best therapist or surgeon? And do you have a good diagnostician?

Medical consulting 3

We think that most people don’t have the real answer, they constantly look for real people reviews, collect this information among their acquaintances or by recommendations of hospital employees. This information may lead to a professional, and may not, which actually gives the possibility to establish a new, forward-looking business on processing and “selling” information about the real situation.

two business men a business woman and a doctor working and talking in modern office

Trading in traffic jams

Of course, many have adapted to listen to audio books, watch videos, talk on phone while driving – in general, everybody is trying to spend downtime with a benefit.

trading in traffic jams 3

The traffic jams appeared to be a great opportunity for refreshment drinks dealers, pastries, ice cream, etc., – they are selling their goods directly on the roads among the slow-moving cars.

trading in traffic jams 1

But, agree, the one thing is to buy a soda from a boy wearing a cap, or a raunchy old lady in a headscarf, and quite another thing to buy it from energetic seller with mini-refrigerator, dressed in uniform, that indicates his membership of a trade chain, which is responsible for its goods!

trading in traffic jams 2

Ecofriendly car wash

Ecofriendly car wash means refraining from dumping dirty water down the drain.

eco car wash 3

The main problem now is that the best places for washing cars are already occupied. In the center of the city you are unlikely be able to find something decent to rent, so new car washes appear somewhere either in the countryside or in the garage cooperatives, or in industrial areas. It is far enough and not always pays off.

eco car wash 1

What should you do? Open at hand, where there is a large transport traffic and there is no way to quickly wash machine.

eco car wash 2

Ecofriendly car wash has two main trends: an ecofriendly car wash itself and dry mobile car wash.

eco car wash 4

3D paintings (illusions) exhibition

Pretty simple and at the same time new idea for entertainment business.

GUIYANG, CHINA - APRIL 15: (CHINA OUT) A visitor poses with a 3D painting during exhibition at the Garland Shopping Center on April 15, 2013 in Guiyang, Guizhou province of China. The free exhibition will run for a week with visitors actively encouraged to interact with the artworks. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

The gist is this: take some space for a rent (it can be a gallery, the mall or something else), approx. 100-150 square meters. Invest finance in making those 3D paintings and hold an exhibition, after conducting an advertising campaign.

3D paintings 3

Approximate budget for the organization is about 3000-4000 thousand $. It will pay off literally for 3-4 months and then you get the profit.

3D paintings 2

Since the idea is new, many cities haven’t seen it yet. Meanwhile there already appeared ready franchising packages for such exhibitions.

3D paintings 4

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