Future Technologies For Sports Goods

Technological sports clothing is an objective reality that provides the execution of growing requirements to the athlete. The possibilities of the human body have no limits — it is not the first decade that experts talk about sports singularity point, when new records will be impossible.


New technologies can postpone this point, developing a scientific approach to the sport.


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Vibram Smart Concept Sole

Another company that is at the forefront of technological development of sports shoes is Vibram. Last year the brand introduced the sneakers with the Smart Concept Sole system.
Vibram Smart Concept Sole 1

Vibram Smart Concept Sole 2

It provides built-in sensors, which in addition to fixing indicators such as the athlete’s body temperature or staging of the foot, can recognize the nature of coverage, noticing the dangerous sites and warning the master with light indication. Control is performed using a smartphone.

Vibram Smart Concept Sole 3

Vibram® FUROSHIKI “The wrapping sole”, new 2016 collection

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Creating sports clothing they use technology quite often: there are sneakers with sensors, measuring your running speed, and sports bra, which show the pulse rate.

Move 1

One of the most interesting development in this area is the Move top for Pilates, yoga and those sports that require precise movements. It has four elastic sensors: on the back, breast and sides. The sensors transmit all the information about the position of the body and movements of the muscles to mobile application that in turn analyzes the accuracy of performing exercises and allows correcting errors.

Move 3

In addition, the application stores data about all the trainings, so that the user can monitor his progress with easy-to-use charts and tables, and then share his success with friends on Facebook.

Move 2


L. Gore & Associates made a real revolution in clothes. In 1970 it released a fabric called GORE-TEX. It was the first in the world membrane fabric, and it was created mainly for space expeditions. How does this fabric works? It is based on a thin membrane that contains more than 1.4 million pores per square centimeter.



The pores are so small that water cannot penetrate through them, but the vapor can. Thus they managed to achieve the effect of breathable fabric that protects from rain and retains heat.


Interestingly, due to its density, GORE-TEX keeps you from the wind. The volume of the air passing through one square meter of fabric per second does not exceed 5 liters. In 1982 they got the patent on the production of membrane fabric, however today it has timed out and there are many manufacturers of fabrics with similar technology nowadays.


GORE-TEX Product Technology – How it Works (English)

Learn how the GORE-TEX product technology makes garments repel water while still being breathable.


The most daring project at the moment is the concept of sneakers with the ability to self-repair.

Protosells 1

Protosells 3

Protocells project by English designer Seamus Eden, will be carried out on 3D printer out of material capable of regenerating and restructuring. Depending on the conditions, the material will react to pressure and movement and, if necessary, increase in volume, thus creating additional depreciation. This is just a project, but it clearly shows how the development of sports shoes in the near future can look like.

Protosells 2

Protosells 4

Your Shoes Will Be Alive!

Today’s breakthrough will have you throwing out your old grimy sneakers in favor of something that’s alive. Story: http://www.dezeen.com/2014/02/19/movie-shamees-aden-protocells-regenerating-trainers/ http://www.dezeen.com/2014/02/19/movie-shamees-aden-protocells-regenerating-trainers/ Images: http://www.dezeen.com/2014/02/19/movie-shamees-aden-protocells-regenerating-trainers/ GIF Runner http://themagicofanimation.tumblr.com/post/74156641891/fucktonofanatomyreferences-a-perhaps-workable Music: https://soundcloud.com/futurex-news/sets/the-future-this-week-playlist


The helmet Hovding for cycling, invented by Swedish industrial designers Anna Haupt and Alstin Thérèse, combines high technology and unusual design.

Hovding 1

Hovding 3

Actually, the helmet is “invisible” — it only inflates in moments of danger, and when everything is in order, it is hidden in a special scarf. Sensors hidden inside, collect information about what is happening around the cyclist, and at the moment of danger for a split second the futuristic helmet made of durable nylon inflates, and it doesn`t tear getting in contact with the asphalt.

Hovding 2

Hovding 4

Hövding – The Airbag For Cyclists

Now selling in the UK for £250, the Hövding isn’t going to replace the traditional cycling helmet any time soon. Does it work though? We met up with the invisible helmet’s UK distributor to check it out for ourselves. See Alice’s Fall – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsYxOTmIU_4

Radiate athletics

However, using high-tech clothing you can not only defend yourself against external influences or improve your results, but also monitor the condition of your body. So, using clothing manufactured by Radiate Athletics, you can see with the naked eye what muscle groups are working and how active.

Radiate athletics 1

Radiate athletics 2

It is enough just to wear a T-shirt and start training, and the changing color of the fabric where the muscles are working most intensely, will “inform” you about that. Clothing by Radiate Athletics reacts to temperature change, and colors may vary.

Radiate athletics 3

Radiate athletics 4

Radiate Athletics Colorway Video

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