How To Buy A Phone

There are a lot of reasons to buy used phone. At least, this is a chance to save a lot of money, and at the same  time the only option to get a device, if your budget is very poor. On shopping sites you can find unique items that is not officially imported into the country or were released in limited quantities, as well as devices not manufactured anymore. Well, in the end, for someone to constant change of gadgets – a hobby.

No matter which option is closer to you, you should know that any purchase of used gadget is connected to the mass of the risks. At best, you will get device with a warranty card expired. In the worst – a sneaky scam that tries to trick you. This article is intended as a brief guide for buying used phone.  As an example let’s  consider buying a used smartphone, as it is most popular model.

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Let’s say, you have found the desired smartphone and learning offers from different sellers. Who should be immediately deleted from your database of potential candidates:

Anyone who requires a prepayment or payment on a bank card – a popular fad in the ads. In both cases, the likelihood of stumbling on a rogue is nearing 100%.

Ads without any photos – if person do not bother to make a normal photo of device – it is likely that it is either too careless attitude to the device itself, or tries to hide the shortcomings of the gadget.

If the representatives of the above-mentioned need to immediately ignore the sellers of this group should be treated with sound skepticism.

URGENT SALE! – Those who sell electronic gadgets urgently. Usually they ask for less money and it certainly attracts. It is necessary to carefully inquire about the reasons for haste and check the device, if you do decide to buy it. Sometimes classified as “urgent” are the ones who are pressed for debt or interest on the loan, or the people who really need the money immediately.

On the other hand, postscript of urgency in the ad can serve as a sweet lure for buyers , and those people who really need the money, usually go to the nearest pawn shop.

Phone is not turned on – these ads also have an element of puzzle and luck. Sometimes the cause of malfunction device appears banal software failure, and the seller has no time to deal with it. Such purchase is recommended only for advanced users.

But if you are not lucky, the gadget can be drowned, with burnt-out schemes or stuffing, and on its recovery could take a lot more money than you have given for the non-working device.

Signs of reliability

There are general rules of etiquette among sellers. The next fad in ads can be considered direct or indirect signs Seller reliability.
Immediately indicated deficiencies – if a person speaks openly about the fact that there is a malfunction in the smartphone, or was any, but was eliminated in the service center – there is reason to believe that he is honest. And it is much more pleasant to deal with honest people.

Quality images and full product information – the seller take the trouble to make a good photo of the smartphone from all angles. This way, you can judge for yourself about the real state of the gadget and justice established by the price tag. Unequivocal plus of any ad.

Many ads from the same author – wholesalers, resellers and other similar individuals. For the most part – adequate people.

Fully equipped, the presence of the box and documents – suggests that the device, with high probability was used carefully.

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Preparing for the meeting

Let’s say you’ve found the right ad and it conforms to the rules above. Proceed to the next step – a call seller. Ask whether it is convenient to speak and choose a suitable time for both. Calm tone verify the following things:

  • the exact name of product (the exact model of the smartphone)
  • availability of boxes, documents and accessories
  • whether the device to be repaired
  • reason for the sale
  • the presence of the guarantee
  • the final price and the possibility of bargaining.

The main thing – do not hesitate to ask awkward questions. Remember who pays – the piper calls the tune. If you are satisfied – make appointments, in a public place. It is best to choose a suitable shopping center or a cozy cafe in the center of your city. For those of you in the priority of 2 things – lighting and security. In good light it is easier to identify all the shortcomings of the goods, notice scratches on the body, “dead” pixels on the screen and so on.

Taking the memory card to the test image, a pair of songs. Make few photoes, video, call to the friend from the gadget to make sure it is working well.

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