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With the current level of development in the online shopping market it would be silly not to take full advantage of this trend, which is why today people buy everything online, from cars to property and from clothes to mobile phones. Shoes are also a very popular category on every marketplace, but in order for your purchase to be satisfying, you need to follow a couple of rules that we’ll tell you about right now.

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Find out your size

There’s nothing more annoying and harmful for your health than a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit. Too large shoes will constantly slip off your feet, while small shoes will give you blisters and will eventually hurt your fit and change their shape. This can be easily avoided by buying shoes that fit you like a glove. Since you’re buying your shoes online and can’t try on 20 pairs to find the perfect one, you’ll need to know your shoe size exactly.


It’s best to measure it in cm. To measure your foot take off your shoes and socks, place the foot on a blank piece of paper, and draw around the foot. Then measure the distance between the heel and the longest toe. The result will be your shoe size in cm. You can always find a sizing guide at an online store that will tell you which size to get according to your foot length.

Decide which shoes you want

Making the right choice in terms of style and look is the basis for finding your perfect pair of footwear. Generally people tend to buy shoes either for comfort or style. Shopping for stylish shoes, like high heels or boots, can be quite a challenge because they can have a demanding build that you cannot imagine on your feet until you actually try them on. Buying comfort shoes is much easier: their fit is much more forgiving, so in order to have a good purchase you’ll only need to know your shoe size and select the right model.


Study the color and materials

Normally every product on an online shopping website has a couple of pictures to help customers with their choice, but often these pictures don’t provide you with all the information you need to know. For example, determining the shoe material is easy when you hold them in your hands, but when you only see a picture on your screen, deciding which material it is can be tricky. In this case you can refer to the product description. If you still have questions or concerns about the item’s material, color, or other properties, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support, if you’re shopping from a large online mall, or the individual seller, if you’re buying from an online marketplace like Jiji.


Check out the reviews

Most online stores have a review section for each one of their products, which can be super helpful for your choosing process. The reviews can contain crucial information that will either help you make the choice, or will make you go look for other options. For example, a lot of reviews include comments on the shoe size – you can find out if you need to go up or down a size from your usual measurements. The quality and look of the shoes is also frequently discussed in reviews. Plus, if you have special condition like flat feet, you can look for reviews to determine whether this particular pair of shoes fits your condition.


Compare prices

The same pair of shoes can be sold on two different websites with a completely different price. If you want to avoid overpaying for a basic pair of footwear, remember to check several online stores to find out whether your dream pair of shoes is priced fairly. Don’t forget to see if the price includes shipping or if the shipping fee needs to be paid separately – it can largely influence the price of the shoes, but it can’t be avoided if you prefer online shopping. We also recommend to study the store’s return policy – find out whether they accept returns and give refunds for the shoes that don’t fit or have bad quality.


Use your first order as a test

Even if you’ve done everything it takes to make a good purchase, there is still a chance that you either won’t like your shoes or there will be something wrong with them. Treating your first purchase from a new store as a test is very helpful: if the purchase is not satisfying for any reason, you can simply delete this store from your bookmarks and never shop here again, and if the purchase is great, you can use this store as your go-to shoe source from now on!

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