How To Start A Coffee Shop From Scratch

It is quite difficult to start a coffee shop, especially if you have no experience in running a business. In this post we will explain the most basic and popular issues associated with starting this kind of business.


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Who is the target audience of the coffee shop?

A cup of coffee has evolved from a simply invigorating drink into a ritual of meetings with friends or business partners, as well as an excellent accompanying attribute of a break. It not only gives us the exquisite taste and aroma, but also creates a mood.


Coffee shops in the evenings are filled with educated young people, who are mostly not older than 25 years, they come after work for a warm conversation. During the day you will more often see a business person having a business meeting, and if you place a coffee shop near the university – the popularity of this place is guaranteed.


What else should be in menu?

The success of your coffee shop is largely determined by the variety of options of preparing a coffee. Nowadays the most popular is espresso coffee and drinks based on it – Americano, cappuccino, latte. They should become the essential of the proposed assortment.


You can attract true coffee lovers to your coffee shop, offering a variety of coffees, countries of origin of seeds and roasting degree. Ideally, barista of your coffee shop should be himself a foodie and a master of coffee flavors. It is not enough to distinguish and mix Robusta and Arabica in different proportions.

It is important to feel how the coffee of any origin and any roast reveals its taste and aroma.


Complement your coffee menu with snacks and salads that will go well with coffee and emphasize its shades. Sweet and savory pies with different fillings, various sandwiches, cheese and fruit plates, desserts can provide you additional revenue comparable to one you get from coffee, or even bigger than that.

At the height of the summer season, you can hire temporary additional restaurant personnel and run the catering service that brings an excellent income.


What type of coffee shop to choose?

A variety of coffee shops tend to fit the lifestyle of their visitors.

Lovers of coffee on the go, who don`t seek for long gatherings, tend to run to fast food cafes. This type of coffee shop is very popular in the United States. The famous Starbucks is in the first place among such coffee shops.


In Europe and in Russia, people appreciate time spent with friends and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You order coffee at the counter, choose a light snack and wait for your order at the cozy table.


The most complicated format combines elements of restaurant and coffee shop. Extensive coffee menu is complemented by an exquisite restaurant menu and a wine list.

By the way, you can also choose franchising.


Because basic coffee drink is espresso, a center of production in your coffee shop becomes a coffee-maker, or espresso machine.

They can be of varying degrees of automation: from the machine where milk shaken up with the participation of the barista to super automatic that prepares any type of coffee – from Espresso to Mocha or cappuccino – at the touch of a button.

Barista prepares espresso in his coffeeshop; close-up

The best choice for a small coffee shop, is likely to be a semi-automatic, combining a reasonable price and good quality. Coffee shop with a very large flow of visitors can afford super automatic or automatic coffee machines.


Choosing a coffee machine, you will need to decide on the number of cups that it can simultaneously fill in, as well as the tank bays for a hot water.

Also your barista can not do without the mixer, blender coffee grinder with different fineness of grinding, refrigerating showcase for appetizers, salads and desserts. If you want to emphasize on the taste and aroma of different coffee roast, you can not do without a roster, a special oven for roasting green coffee beans.


What place to choose for a coffee shop?

Coffee shop is best positioned in lively location near major traffic or pedestrian flows. A win-win option for placing coffeehouses may become popular shopping or entertainment center.


At the same time it`s not necessary to seek placement in the central part of the city – consider the available options of crowded places slightly away from the center and even in residential areas, rent will be much lower and the net profit will rise.


Expect that in a room with an area of approximately 200 square meters you can place a hall with 65 seats, while the third of the area will be occupied by the kitchen and storage areas.


Business experts will provide useful recommendations that will facilitate rapid development of your business.
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