Jiji Tips: How To Call A Seller



11Everyone faced with situation when you are looking for something to buy. You know all the characteristics of desirable product. For example Jim. His wife wanted a pressure cooker. For what – don’t ask, but she was dreaming for it since her cousine bought one. And she claimed that the life become much easier. Well, due to the coocker,  Jim’s life probly will become easier – until his beloved will not find another stuff she wants.

Choose Jiji – best online marketplace in Nigeria!

Tired of everyday talks about cookers, Jim decided to buy one – at last, when his wife get it, she will be happy, like a child!

Jim have heard about Jiji, so, one day at the dinner he visited Home Appliances in Home and Garden section, found cookers and choose one.


So, while Jim works in Lagos, he was looking for seller in Lagos.

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To find some specific goods use additional descriptions!


Well, here is cooker, Jim’s wife wanted.



If you try to use Jiji at first time, sometimes difficult to find the seller’s number. Just press “Show contacts” – no need to register or login)


Voila! You have phone number!


Enter it on your phone, hold breath and don’t be shy to ask questions about the product.

6http://f.tqn.com/y/goafrica/1/W/-/c/86517458.jpgFor example, fist Jim’s question was: Can we meet today? I want to look on this pressure cooker closer!

Easy buying with Jiji!

P.S. Jim if you are reading this, I really need this cooker!!!!

Glad your sweetheart with Jiji!