Save Money: Buy Foodstuff Wisely!

Wages are not increasing, and food prices outrageously rise. A typical, though not a very pleasant situation. But there is always a way out!


We will teach you how to save when purchasing products – read and share with your friends!



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Schindler’s list

Make a shopping list and strictly follow it. For this purpose, develop a weekly menu: breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Check kitchen cupboards and refrigerator and make your list of ingredients, which you will need for cooking these particular dishes. Nothing more!

Blank Notepad

Different mobile applications will help you manage our shopping list – for example, the most popular is Our Groceries Shopping List.

Groceries app

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Only cash!

Do not take a credit card with you. Pay exclusively in cash, this way you’ll know how much money you`ve spent.

Cash only

The accidental chef

You should review your attitude towards the semis.


So, for example, purchased burgers are much more expensive than those ones cooked at home, sausages cost big money, and the usual goulash can be prepared at home much cheaper, moreover, goulash – is a meat and not something fat and incomprehensible!

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Groundhog Day

For one day prepare dishes based on one product. For example, a salmon can be a base for a soup and a hearty salad, and chicken can be a base for a soup, a main dish in the form of legs and wings and a salad with fillet. This way you’ll save on the products and feed the whole family.

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Use the privileges

Use special coupons offered in some supermarkets. Also it is good to make basic food stocks, when they’re on sale. Marketing principle “buy one thing, get the second one free” built on to make you buy twice as much as you want for half the price.


However, in some markets the products cost half the price, so you don’t have to buy more than one product to save. Use your refrigerator for storing foods bought on sale, which you can use later.

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Leave your “wants” at home

Avoid impulse buying. Do not buy products that are not in your list only because they are cheap or you suddenly want them: “Oh! Discount for Beijing cabbage! I should take it, usually it is much more expensive!” (are you sure that you will eat it?), “Mmm, cake! I want it! I want it!” (and what about the diet?).

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Do not take children to the shop: their “I want” is harder to resist. Your will power won`t save you.

Menu in advance

Make menu for a week. Then you will know exactly what you have for dinner tonight and for breakfast tomorrow. You will be able to rationally choose the products, using them for cooking on different days.


Buy products not as often as you are used to and according to the timetable set by your menu. Thus, the products will be used fully and will not deteriorate. Your savings will be substantial. In addition, you save time, because you won`t need to run to the store several times.

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Mix it up!

Discard portion dishes. The beef stew will take less meat than individual steaks or chops. And leaving such a dish in the fridge for tomorrow, you can eat it one or more times.

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Make stocks

Grits, pasta, eggs, as well some vegetables (potato, onion, carrot and beet) stored in advance, will always be on hand and significantly save your budget in case of rise in price.


Point of view

Look down. According to the rules of merchandising the most expensive goods are placed on shelves at eye level, and the cheapest — on the lower shelves. Do not be lazy to bend down and examine the lower range.

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In addition, do not look into sectors that you don’t need (separate products in the list into the groups: meat, vegetables, and so on). And don’t forget that you should be satiated when you go shopping.


Buy foods on Jiji – here you can easily choose quality products at lower prices!



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