How To Sell Your Goods Quicker

Selling your used products online is the best way to kill two birds with one stone: not only do you quickly get rid of things you no longer use, but you also get to make some money in the process. However, if you don’t have too much experience with selling stuff online, you can run into a few difficulties – most importantly, your selling process can simply take so long that in the end you’re not even sure if selling that product even makes sense. But don’t worry – our tips will teach you how to sell anything online quicker than you hoped for.

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1. Find the right products

Although with the right amount of skill you can sell basically everything online, not every old thing you find in your closet or garage is worth putting online. On the other hand, that dress that has been hanging in your wardrobe for the last 20 years and has gone out of fashion can be exactly the thing someone has been looking for everywhere. Spend a day cleaning out the closets and storage spaces, and then take a good look at the things you find to determine whether they present interest for buyers. Generally, the most popular goods are mobile phones, electronics, furniture, cars, clothes, and products for kids.

2. Know where to sell

When you decide to get rid of stuff you no longer need and make some money, knowing the best way to do it is crucial. We recommend selling everything you’ve got on Jiji. Jiji is among the largest Nigerian online marketplaces with thousands of genuine sellers and buyers negotiating and making sales right now. Jiji is super easy to use and lets you sell your goods faster and more efficiently than with other means of selling stuff. Post your first free ad today and see how well it goes.

3. Take good photos

The importance of supplying your ad with high quality photos cannot be overrated. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you’ve probably had experience with skipping ads with low quality pics simply because they are dark, uninformative, and make it look like the seller doesn’t really care if you buy the product. Out of respect for potential buyers your photos should reflect the condition of the item in a clear manner. It means that the pics not only have to be detailed, but they also need to be well lit. It’s a good idea to include multiple photos of the same product from different sides to make it easier for the buyer to make the decision.

4. Write a compelling description

Although photos play an important part in how your ad is perceived, the text you provide is also essential. People can learn a lot from the pictures, but a couple of sentences in the ad description will tell them everything they need to know. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes in your ad – otherwise people may get frustrated and close your ad. Add as many important details as you can, including the production year, condition, possible flaws, reason for selling, and whether the price is negotiable. Also don’t forget to include special notes – for example, if you can only meet with the buyer during weekends, let them know beforehand.


5. Promote your ads

Once your ad is completed and uploaded to the website, your job as a seller isn’t done yet. Now you need to make sure that as many people as possible see your ad. You have two main solutions. One is to post the link to your ad on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter, so that your followers see the ad, share it with their friends or maybe click on the ad themselves. The other one is to buy a boost package from Jiji – the best way to increase your visibility and stand out from other sellers. A boost package will let your ad be on top of the search results, so that every buyer looking for a specific item saw your ad first, increasing your chances of a quick sell.

6. Always be accessible

If you’re an experienced online buyer, you know that there is nothing worse than finding the ad you like and then not being able to reach the seller via the phone or email. This is why you as a responsible seller should make a point of always being in touch. Leave several means of contacting you, so that even if your phone is turned off, the buyer could reach you via email, social media, or other convenient way. It is a demonstration of respect to the buyers, and they will respect you back and make your selling process a breeze.

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