Why Shopping Online Is Cheaper?

With every upcoming day people prefer shopping online more frequently. The reasons for this are that they may save their time by simply choosing what they want to purchase in one mouse-click. Some other reasons include the possibility to read the comments from the previous buyers and estimate the feasibility of buying this or that product before its purchase. But the most important feature of online shopping is the possibility to save money.

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Direct deals with distributors

1One of the main reasons why shopping online is cheaper is that ecommerce merchants are in direct relationships with distributors. Haven’t you ever wondered how is it possible to get a product for a much cheaper price provided with a free delivery as compared to retail shopping? The reason is that when a retail dealer makes a merchandise request from a manufacturer to deliver some amount of goods to his shop, he spends money on it. And these costs are included to the price you pay. The relationships between the online merchant and the manufacturer are maintained in a different way – when you make an online purchase request, the merchant contacts the manufacturer who sends the product directly to your home. In this case, you avoid paying for extra-shipping, therefore reducing the price of the purchase.

Lower overhead

3When you walk into an ordinary brick and mortar retailer, you get surrounded by a huge amount of extra costs. You see the building someone spent their money to buy or rent. You feel it warm and air-conditioned, which means it is provided by the services someone pays for. You see the personnel hanging around and helping you to make the best purchase – and, of course, they are paid for their work. If you gather one by one all of these little expenses, you will get a pretty penny you must spend for your purchase. If talking about online retail, of course, there are some expenses too, such as building and administrating a web-site. But these costs are nothing if compared to the traditional retail.

Transparent competition

4Every competition drives the prices down being oriented on getting more customers. With the traditional shopping one can never be sure if he/she gets a product for the lowest possible price as it is physically impossible to track all of them. But online shopping has lead this competition to a new level. Many sites do the work for you, pulling all the major online retailers together on one page, and letting you pick the best price. For this, many online merchants offer discount coupons and rebates which is just another way to save your money on shopping online.

Special offers for permanent customers

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Many online retailers offer overwhelming discounts in their attempt to add one more permanent customer to their list. With every next purchase the percent of your discount increases, so you can never be afraid of market prices raising all the time as your purchase expenses will stay stable. Online retailers understand that it is never enough to offer the lowest price in order to keep their customers. So very often the buyers get compliment-products completely for free.

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