Start A New Life With 7 Special Days Of The Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on. Each day of the week is a special one, and if you want to change your life completely, you shouldn’t refer to such advices “All the changes start with Monday”. No, every day is a different one and is equally important.

Let’s make each day of your week a special one with Jiji

#1 – “Habitual Monday”

1Habits define the life of a man. You should start from the habits that impede your living. Everybody knows about their bad habits, such as smoking, procrastination, coffee all day long. But not everybody is aware of that fact that we actually have gotten a way more habits than we think. To recognize them, try to remind the whole usual day and write everything down. Then ask from those who know you for a long time – your family members, friends, children, husband/wife. Silently write everything down. In the end you will get a full list of habits. Define what habits you want to acquire and which ones you would like to get rid of. Working upon habits is difficult but necessary in order to be able change your life.

#2 – “Positive Tuesday”

2Learn to make the right mood and change it quickly. In order to set the right mood and change it in accordance with the situation it’s important to remember that only you are in control of your thoughts. At the University or at work, when working upon a difficult task you didn’t call attention to any distractions coming from the outer world. Because you were too much concentrated on the subject of your work. To control your thoughts the visualization will come to your service. Just imagine how perfectly well you are performing the task you are to do, imagine how energetic you are and how much proud of yourself in the end.

#3 – “Temporary Wednesday”

Now it’s the time to learn timing. You can often hear such phrases as “I am always late”, “I’m so forgetful”, or “I can’t manage to do anything in time”. People think they have got a defect that interferes their normal living. But this is not so. The reason is that sometimes there are so many things to do that one can’t control them all. Gradually, one’s worries are being replaced by the fear they won’t manage to handle everything.


The stress appears because of the absence of the clear image of the situation. And the first thing you must do is to stop. Yes, it seems impossible, but is necessary. Write down all the tasks you’ve gotten, from cleaning up the house to calling your grandma. Then prioritize them and allocate them by days. Remember, that plans are a flexible tool. The most important thing is to define the main target and with help of the smaller ones get to it closer and closer.

#4 – “Sleepless Thursday”

4This is the most difficult day – you should stay with no sleep and no rest for 24 hours! If you get up at 5 am on Thursday morning, then you are not allowed to rest until 5 am Friday morning. On this day you may use public transport only, a bicycle, or walk by foot. No car or elevator are allowed. Social networks and anything that doesn’t regard to your work is excluded.

On this same day you must execute all the unpleasant tasks that you have been putting aside for a long time. In order to make this day even scarier, you should face your old fear. Jump with the parachute, make peace with your friend who you haven’t talked to for 5 years, venture for a difficult conversation with your partner or customer. Physical depletion clears out your mind. At the end of the day you will be exhausted but full of self-confidence as you have survived this day and you have no fear about anything anymore.

#5 – “Friday Rest”

The rest is needed after hard working. On Friday you should learn to short-rest. Very often we forget about it and try to convince ourselves that we can be productive for 24 hours 7 days a week. We can’t, we are not robots.

5But in order to be able to work after sleepless Thursday, you will need to use a technique called “a bunch of keys”. Take a bunch of keys the way it drops if you open your hand. Take 3 deep breaths – inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Concentrate your attention on different parts of your body one by one. Relax your muscles, shoulders, and your face. Try to fall asleep. As soon as you are starting to fall asleep, the keys will fall, and you will be waken vigorous and productive. This exercise will take just 5 minutes of your time but will prolong your working capability for 1,5-2 hours. Interchange different kinds of activities in between, and in the end of the day you’ll see how much you’ve managed to do.

#6 – “Joyful Saturday”

6If the person is negative all the time, he/she doesn’t manage to do anything. You certainly know how an argue with the colleague may throw you off your stride for the entire day. Think nice about yourself, other people, and the rest of the world. Smile, make compliments, remind yourself of successes and achievements. When responding to the question “How are you?”, smile and say “Perfect!” even though it might not be so.

7Scientists have proven that if you keep a smile for as long as 10 minutes, the mood gets better. And there is no magic. When we feel good, the brain signals the muscles of our face and they get activated.

The same approach works with the positive words. The more good words you say, the better mood you get. Instead of whimpering, “Why was I given the most complicated task again?”, ask yourself – “How can I execute this task on a higher level?”

#7 – “Sunday of Memories”

The time has come to draw conclusions. You placed yourself a call and you won! Remind yourself of this week, tell your nearest ones about the results you have achieved. Put ambitious goals in front of you, work upon your habits, learn to focus on the current task, make lists of things to do, and rest. Create positive habits and get impressed of how your life is changing.


Jiji wishes you qualitative and desirable changes!

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