Why To Start Own Business On Jiji Is Profitable?

Starting online business is more profitable, than offline – you do not rent the premise, to pay rent and salary for sellers, no need to have a big assortment in your warehouse – only good supplier of goods. But there asre some costs you have to pay: to make a website, pay for hosting and for IT-support. But ifyou have no initial capital, don’t worry – the only things you must have to start your business with Jiji – photos and short desciption of your goods.

Get ready to start with Jiji!

Step one – product – put pictures, price and product description in Jiji ads for free. Images must be of high quality, preferably on a white background in jpg, and of width of the image for a close examination can be up to 500-800 pixels.

Step two – distributors – to negotiate with suppliers on the conditions of the shipment of the goods to you. Ideal conditions for the supplier when you are coming for the big party of the goods and pay on the place in cash or pre-pay for your order through a bank account. Ideal conditions for beginners business moms – either directly transmit the order to the supplier and just get a commission, or take goods to the realization of up to 3 days or on the condition that in case of defect or the client refuses to buy, the goods will be returned or exchanged. In the first case requires a very minimal cost. In the second case, you probably need to deal with inflated selling price. Also, do not miss the sight of  warranty. On what conditions it is given to your customers?

Step three – waiting for buyers. Easy, isn’t it?

If you decide toi sell your handicrafts, some pieces of art, pure-bred puppies on Jiji at the same time – nobody will be surprised. In the case when too different goods are selled on private marketplace it looks weird.

What to sale on Jiji?


Ask yourself the question: what would you like to buy for yourself or for your family on a regular basis and at a discount? To which your husband is hard to allocate part of the family budget? Or maybe there is some sort of exclusive very beautiful or very good thing, which is worth serious money, but if you buy it in bulk, on the earnings from the sale you can save the money? Make a list. Suppose you get a list of 30 positions. If you want to start some realy serious business, here is the list of the most popular categories:

  • Computers (especially laptops, computer cases and accessories);
  • Books & media (artistic or technical literature or CD \ DVD);
  • Home appliances (vacuum cleaners, mixers, microwave ovens etc.);
  • Clothes, for example from Aliexpress or any other cheap store where bulk actions are more profitable than single deals;
  • Perfumes;
  • Handicrafts and folk trades.

On Jiji you can find all the classifiers for every goods.

What are the advantages of Jiji as your online store?

You create an online storefront, where the buyer could get acquainted with your product range.

You can form a base of potential customers who would like to receive your goods in your region.

You are asleep and the Jiji worksyouo receive the convenience store, which can always (morning, afternoon, night, holidays) to acquaint prospective client with product, price, equipment, etc.

A dream of a businessmana shop that works all the time! And you do not have to pay for heating, electricity, water, rent, hosting etc. – that is, no additional payments that will be devour your profits.

Reduction of the store staffwhy pay vendors if all their functions are performed by Jiji  – shows the goods, inform about the price, accepts the order.

You get an extra chance to be competitive among similar stores in the marketplaceas it can provide an additional convenience for the customer service.

Be smart – use Jiji!