How To Test Goods Before Buying

Shopping online has lots of benefits that you probably already know about. Buying goods online on websites like Jiji is a great way to save money and time on finding the necessary product while enjoying communication with real sellers and buyers just like you. However, sometimes online shopping is not as safe and secure as we’d wish, and if you come upon a dishonest seller, you risk losing money or buying a product that does not have the advertised properties or is simply broken. Avoid the disappointment by using our shopping tips!

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Find out about the seller

Although the meeting will be the first time you see the seller live, there are a few things you can learn from an ad and the seller’s profile. First you need to see if the ad is clear, detailed, and contains all of the necessary details. Then you can look at the seller’s rating – if he’s already done a few successful sales, grateful customers can leave a feedback that will make it easier for you to determine whether the seller can be trusted. If his profile contains links to his social media pages, take a look at them too – it’s always nice to know who you’re dealing with exactly.


Arrange a meeting

As soon as you’ve found an ad that caught your attention, study it carefully to find out if anything feels suspicious. If nothing stands out, you can contact the seller and arrange a meeting. Make sure the meeting will take place in a well-populated and well-lit location – usually cafes, markets and malls work best, especially if the product you plan to buy is relatively small. Never meet in an empty parking lot or come to the seller’s apartment, unless you want to buy a large product like car or TV. In that case you need to have a company for the visit – going alone may prove to be dangerous. You can also search for the seller’s mobile number to see if there are complaints about him on the internet.


How to test a laptop

If you’re looking for a new laptop and found one online, don’t rush to pay for it in advance – first you need to inspect it and see if it meets your requirements. When the laptop is in your hands, give it a visual check to see if the screen and the keyboard are intact, if there are cracks on the laptop’s body, and if the ports are clean and working. Then turn the laptop on. Make sure the seller has the admin account information, all necessary licence keys. After that test various connections and, if possible, use the laptop until the battery runs out to see how well it works. If there are dust build-ups or traces of water anywhere in the laptop, skip on that purchase.

How to test a smartphone

Safely buying a used mobile phone also requires a visual inspection. In this case you need to be looking for dents, scratches, cracks, and water damage. Pay extra attention to the camera lens in the front and in the back – scratched lens lead to blurry, low quality photos. In case the phone can be opened, open it, take out the battery, and look for water damage there. Then make sure that the ports are working, the keys respond correctly, and the operating system in the smartphone doesn’t freeze or crash. If you have a spare SIM card, put it into the phone and try to make a call to a friend to see that the phone works properly. If the package includes the charger, plug it in to make sure the phone charges correctly.

How to test a car

Buying a used car is probably the most risky thing you’ll ever do – there are so many things to check and account for that it’s easy to get lost. First look the car up and down, paying attention to the paint job; there is a good chance that you’ll find a couple of dents, scratches, or rust spots – so you can either refuse to buy the car or ask for an extra discounts. Next check the trunk to see if it’s clean and free of rust or water damage, and look under the hood to see if the mechanics are in a good condition. Then check out the tires.

Next step is super important: check the car’s frame to see if it is perfectly aligned. A car with even a slightly distorted frame has definitely been in at least one accident, which has likely done a lot of damage. Then take a look at the inside of the car, including the upholstery and electronics. And, last but not least, take the car for a test drive to see if there are any unusual sound or movements while the car is going. Only after you’re completely satisfied with the check-up, make sure the seller has the paperwork ready, pay for the car, sign the documents, and drive home safely.

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