15 Things Are Better To Be Throw Out From Your Life

All people want to be happy, but most of us keep too much “heavy luggage” in their lives. So, here is a list of things, that immediately must be thrown away!

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1. Keep away from people who hurt you.

Don’t try to wonder why do they do it. It is better to ask yourself why you let it happen. Do not be silent, speak. Give them repulse. Sometimes the cause of our suffering is not the violence, but the answer why you are silent and do nothing.

2. Refuse from deceitful love.

If the heart of a loved one will steal someone else, be thankful for having found it now, and not much later. Why? Yes, because this person is actually never truly loved you – true love is not so easy to destroy. And we have to accept the fact that some people remain in our hearts for much longer than in our lives.

3. Get rid of procrastination.

Sometimes we ask questions not in order to learn something new, but to make sure of the answer, which has long been known for us – weakly hoping to find out that it’s still the case. But listening to the same response from different people, you are only hurting yourself. The only answer is that you really need – the adoption of truth. This will help you to finally determine the choice of way of you life and continue to move forward. Give your mind a chance to live – to live the life that you want. Stop asking the same question over and over again – make decisions and start acting.

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4. Learn to be patient.

To believe in something, even in yourself – imply so to be able to wait. When we go on the way of faith, there are times when everything seemed transfixed, and we really want to do anything, as long as everything began to happen quickly. We really want to put aside our faith and patience, and try to create for yourself something new – while forgetting to look around. Believe – means being able to be patient and wait. Although  not everything happens in your life with the speed that we want, as a rule, everything is done as quickly as possible.

5. Forget your prejudices and stereotypes. If you primarily judge others by their skin color, weight and other external parameters, most likely, you did not know them really.

6. Be careful with materialism.

No matter where you spend a life – in a big city or a tiny town, you’re bound to meet people who will think that they  are better than you – people who believe that only the possession of certain material goods (posh label clothes, prestigious brand machine, and so on) makes you a respected person. But in fact, all of these material things do not mean so much. Much more important personal integrity, dignity and fortitude. And if you are lucky enough to have it, never and do not give it – at any price. Do not sell yourself.

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http://www.shanelaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Dollarphotoclub_76030047_resized.jpg7. Do not hurry to find personal relationships.

Do not “catch” the relationship like a starving for bread crust. Work on yourself. Understand what your strengths and weaknesses. Do that – and sooner or later you will attract the attention of really interesting people into your life.

8. Get rid of excessive expectations.

Do not treat people with contempt simply because they are not perfect. It is better to admire them for what they do not try to put on a false mask. And stop deceiving yourself – in fact you do not need perfect friends, acquaintances and loved ones. You need people you can trust, people,  next to which you can be a simple yourself, which also pleased to be with you, as you do – with them.

9. Do not stay with people who tell you only what you want to hear. 

Yes, it os easy to believe someone who tells you nice things, things that you want to hear. But try not only to listen to the words, but also to monitor actions. The actions which speak louder than words – and they always tell the truth.

10. Don’t communicate with those who believe you are less worthy than others.

Remember – you do not back up plan. You are capable of much more than be a reserve airfield and warm vest, which is so pleasant to cry. Yes, you can not bring yourself to stop loving someone, but you may well convince yourself that you deserve more. Never settle for second place. Always aim for the top prize. How can you expect that you will be for someone in the first place, if you do put yourself on second?

11. Avoid situations that make you pretend to be someone who you are not.

In this crazy world that is trying to squeeze you into a template and drive into the box, one of the most difficult battles – the battle for the right to be yourself. And while you’re in it to fight, many of people will not like it. They will treat you with contempt, and even hatred just because you are not like them. But it is normal. What makes you a “not normal” – is exactly what makes you a Personality.

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12. Escape from continuous staying in situations that you hate.

Better to be a loser in favorite business than to succeed in what you don’t like. Do not let those who abandoned their dream, to convince you for the same. The best thing you can do – follow your intuition. To risk. Do not just choose a safe and boring options just because you’re afraid of what might happen. Otherwise, you will not achieve anything.

14. No doubts.

When you become your own best friend, you will be much easier to live with. Understand that the only person who is not giving you to achieve everything, what you can do – you. You are limited only by your own imagination. And you do not have to prove anything to somebody – just to yourself.

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 15. Avoid negative.

Yes, sometimes life is not cool. Sometimes it gets so heavy that you do not even want to get out of bed in the morning. This exhausting, you want to cry. But sometimes it is just beautiful. So beautiful, you want to smile all around. So if in your life a black stripe has begun, try to keep a positive attitude, and as soon as possible to overcome it. Why? Because life is worth it. Your happiness is worth it. You deserve it.

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