Top 10 Necessary-To-Possess Skills Of The Future

High-tech, new modern technologies, products and services – all of this requires some special professional skills also from a man. Many people have already understood that there competition on the labor market is very strong nowadays so they have already started developing those special skills that are going to be in a high demand within just 5 years. So what are they and why are they so much important to possess?

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#1 – Creativity

1Creative initiative is a mode to see things that do not exist yet. When Michelangelo was asked how he had created the Davis statue, he answered, “I had seen an angel in the piece of marble, and I got a strong desire to free him!”

#2 – Emotional intelligence

2Emotional intelligence carries the meaning of being able to understand emotions, people’s intentions and your own motivation and motivation of others. This also includes abilities to control and manage your own emotions and the emotions of other people.

#3 – Cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is the mental ability to quickly switch from one thought to another as well as being able to think about different items at the same time. By the way, you can check your cognitive flexibility using the Stroop test. It is very simple – just say aloud the colors of the words that are written below.


#4 – Negotiation abilities

4The ability to clearly express yourself and be convincing is a trend skill. And the most pleasant thing is that with some practice everyone can master this skill. Just don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone and start practicing communicating with different people.

#5 – Judgment and decision-making

5Whether you want, or whether you know how to – it is not interesting for anyone. It is catastrophically necessary to be able to formulate your opinion and make your own decisions. Self-sufficiency should be everywhere and in all.

#6 – Critical thinking

6Critical thinking is characterized by person’s abilities to question the incoming information and even one’s own judgments. This is a very useful skill as the question “What if everything works not the way as we think?” helps to evolve and develop.

#7 – Complex problem solving

7This means that the person is capable of seeing the core of the problem and can handle the reason, not its outcome. So the most demanded specialist are considered those who will possess a systematic, comprehensive point of view when choosing an approach to any problem solving. Such specialist should also know what else could be taken into account, except for the most obvious things.

#8 – People management

8People management is quite a complicated subject on how the leaders should make main decisions. And it regards not to subordinates only, but all the people. How to motivate people the way they run to work and not from it? How not to be mistaken in a person when hiring them? How to manage conflicts inside the team? To know the answers to these questions means to be able manage people.

#9 – Coordinating with others

9This is probably clear. Ascetic approach in business can damage it. If you are an owner of the business and at the same time it’s difficult for you to communicate with people, hire someone who will be able to maintain contact practically with anyone.

#10 – Service orientation

10According to the forecasts, the service-providing sphere will only expand and a good service is worth its weight in gold. It is very important if the company understands this and works upon the culture of its service-delivery no matter who their product is oriented on – business or its ultimate customer.

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