Top 3 Methods Of Using Time

Have you noticed that when you were a child the time was going slower, and now, when you are a grown up, you feel an extreme lack of time? The reason is that you have finally understood the value of your life and you have targeted many goals for yourself that you want to achieve during your existence. But how to do it effectively and how to manage to do all the planned things just in time?

Spend your time effectively with

Time Investment

1If the time of your life is being used in such a way that in conclusion you will get a return – this means you have invested your time properly. The most wide-spread investments are education, parenting, and networking.

Any investments, including the investments of time can be successful and not. You may get an appropriate education, acquire a profession, get a job, and become satisfied with your moral and material rewards from doing your work. And on the contrary, you may get mistaken when choosing a profession and loose many years of your life senselessly.

That’s why in order to not blame yourself for the years you have lost, our best advices are to invest your time in:

#1 – Self-education and self-training

2Along with becoming more proficient as a specialist, you become more aware of other no less important things that are worth trying while still alive. This can be playing a musical instrument or taking dance classes, or preparing your body and soul to the marathon. It can be literally anything that can help you develop as a personality and most importantly, it can bring you pleasure and joy. Pick up a hobby and dive into it with all of your overwhelmingness. Don’t be afraid to study and to explore something new, something unknown before.

#2 – Bringing up your own kids

3Another no less important investment of your time is raising up children. This kind of time investment is the one requiring much patience and wisdom. You can both raise a child who will be helping you in your retirement and who can take the last piece of bread from you. That’s why it is extremely important to devote enough time for your children, to read books with them, go to the museums and theatres trying to bring as much empathy and understanding to their minds as it is possible.

#3 – Establishing contacts

4It is also extremely important to invest your time in healthy relationships. This means surrounding yourself with the proper people – the ones who will inspire and motivate you for new accomplishments. You should also invest in the people you’d like to have as your friends in the future. Only true friends can provide you with support and friendly advice. Find friends and acquaintances in all possible areas and professions. A doctor friend will cure you the way you will forget about health problems for years. And a foreign language teacher friend will explain you grammar the way you won’t need to spend on any extra classes.

Waste of Time

5We cannot manage to live without waste of time. And so we should refer to it as to overhead costs. Any commercial company would like to decrease its overhead costs in order to increase its profit, but it’s impossible to get rid of them at all. The waste of time should be controlled and not let prevail.

Computer games, online chatting, wandering on the Internet – all of this is a waste of time. Yes, you may get a pleasure from such time-spending but in fact you don’t get any benefits from it.

6Going on vacation can be both a waste of time and an investment. If you simply rested and in a week after your vacation have forgotten about it – then it was a waste of time. But if you keep reminding about the vacation you’ve been on 10 years ago and you feel good from these memories – this is an investment. To live life without investments means to waste it or even lose.

Loss of Time

7A man always loses enormous amount of its most precious asset – the time. The loss of time is when you spent it doing something and didn’t get any concrete results from this activity. Sometimes people do something they can’t even remember.

Watching soap operas is either a loss if the person didn’t get anything in return, or a waste if he gets only pleasure from it. But there are people who convert such time-spending as watching soap operas into investments – they learn to live.

Learn from everything that is around you, and make as much of the time investments as it’s possible.

And the best time investment is time-spending!

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