Top 8 Tricks To Better Memorize Things

How often have you faced the difficulty of memorizing things? This can happen to anyone and usually in the most inappropriate moment. In such cases, people feel uncomfortable and their self-confidence decreases. In order to get your memory better, use these simple tricks.

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Trick #1 – Remember names

1It is a common problem of most of the people to remember the names of their new acquaintances. Make it a habit to memorize the names of your new friends and colleagues by making some kind of associations with the pictures, places, and other things. You can also snap their faces in your head and call those snapshots their names. This is a powerful tool to develop the memorizing abilities of your brain.

Trick #2 – Write it down

2One of the most powerful techniques of memorizing things is writing them down. Someone said that we have memory in our fingers. Don’t know if it’s so, but it really works. Writing and rewriting helps you get more familiar with the information you are trying to memorize.

Trick #3 – Rhyme it

3Spain, plain, rain, pain – making rhymes will not turn out to be in vain. Rhymes are indeed a very powerful information-memorizing device. And everyone who is into leaning poems can prove it to you that their memory has been always in a good state. So whenever you are trying to memorize a word or a phrase, make up a rhyme to it, and you’ll see how much easier it will become to remember things.

Trick #4 – Connect to your senses

4When attempting to memorize an important for you information, try to connect to all of the other senses. Remember the taste of the new Chinese course you have just tried and its name; remember the smell of the perfume the girl you just met was wearing. In other words, find any possible associations connected to your five human senses and make it easier to memorize the information.

Trick #5 – Start learning a foreign language

5A bilingual brain is less likely to forget information as when one thinks in two languages, their brain cells work twice as hard. Pick up the language you like the most or the one that is preferable to know at your workplace and start learning it. Keep training with the new words everyday as if you don’t, the information you’ve learnt will fade.

Trick #6 – Tell it to someone

6Telling to someone something you just learned makes your brain work better because it is trying to recall and reproduce the information. It also helps you better understand the new material and even find your own point of view about it.

Trick #7 – Find a new hobby

7It has been studied and proven by many researchers that finding a new hobby can help one postpone memory loss in older ages and prevent dementia. When a person starts doing something new unknown before, the new cells connections are being established in their brain. It makes the brain more flexible and more limber to absorbing and storing new information. It doesn’t matter whether it is dancing, playing new instrument, or just reading books. Everything that is new for you will get its favorable results for your memorizing abilities.

Trick #8 – Take a break

8There is no such thing in this world that can work non-stop as productively as we would like. And our brain and its memorizing capabilities are not an exception. So whenever you feel overloaded with the information, go for a short walk and clear your mind completely. Clear it out of all the information you have just gotten, and try not to think about anything. Just let your mind breathe.

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