Why You Should Trust Your Intuition? Part 2

People who  walk thriught life following the intuition, of course, are more happy because they feel as a Higher Power leads them. Your heart also plays a huge role in what we call intuition. American scientists have found that the body as well as the brain has neurons. In contrast, the brain in which the cells of about 100 Bln., in the heart there are only 40 thousand. But, as it turned out, the heart is also involved in cognitive processes, knowledge, and solutions that it suggests are always more accurate. Put your hand on your heart, concentrate on it and ask: “Heart, what do you think about this? What should be the right answer? “. This is a very simple and effective way to get the right version of the solution, because the heart is wiser than the brain.

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Your subconscious, your “inner voice” always knows the right answer, and it must be listen more. The more you practice, such as meditation, the easier it will be to make contact with your subconscious mind and heart. And know this: the subconscious mind communicates with you by means of pictures, images and ideas. Victor Hugo said: “There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come.” If you suddenly find inspiration, then now is the time to start to implement it. Learn how to make decisions not only logically, on the basis of the information that you get from the outside, but also that which is within you. Intuition should not be reasonable. It is not based on logic and reasoning or evidence does not need to be confirmed. It is – in itself.

The most powerful intuition –  irrational.

At first, you may need the courage to trust in the power of intuition, but gradually you will learn to distinguish and use it directly as incurred insights, and each time more and more trusting her.

How and when the intuition makes itself felt?

For example, in a dream, in the first minutes of awakening, often under the shower or in the bath, a massage, meditation and so on. These are images, visions, insights, sudden insights and thoughts. Manifested on the physical level the visit intuition can warn you to “be careful”, may be in the form of pins and needles in the body, fever, discomfort in the abdomen, “sucking in one’s stomach,” sudden headache, tightness in the chest, even a sour taste in the mouth. Positive response to “yes” – in the form of “goose bumps”, a pleasant dizziness, soothe the feelings of relief or some ringing of lightness in the body. Intuition sends messages tothrough the emotions, and sometimes there is a feeling that you just know it, that’s all.

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Speaking of “inspirations in soul” – recent studies have shown that in order to maintain the flow of creative energy, our body constantly need extra

moisturizing. It is proved that the loss of even 10% of the liquid reduces the work of the brain by 30%. So when you feel that your brain is “stuck” at any decision, just go to the shower and give the body additional moisture.

French women have an expression: “If you have a bad mood, – wash your head!”

Who knows, maybe this effect is indirect evidence that our ancestors lived in the water?

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Often the right solution comes when a person does not think of this exhilarating challenge. This means that the mind is focused on something else, and the subconscious mind, intuition continues to search for solutions to the formulated problem. The cerebral cortex creates constantly active center, which “works” only on the solution of the problem, sifting information, reviewing the matter again. Sometimes a little push from the outside enough to intuition told output.

At some point each of us experienced a feeling that we do not know what we want, where to go, and life came to a standstill, and all decisions – wrong. What to do? Ask your intuition. To trust your intuition – is to believe in yourself. More often stop and listen. This will get rid of duality and find unity with yourself.

Listen to your intuition, and you will see how successful will be your life.


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