Why You Should Trust Your Intuition? Part 1

About intuition  mankind knew since ancient times. This is a simple, affordable and powerful tool for spiritual growth, as well as growth in all areas of life.

Intuition – is “the ability to know before you thought.”

“As there is nothing mystical about  intuition” – said Nobel Prize winner James Watson, one of those who discovered DNA. Intuition – it’s not instinct. Instinct is a property, appeared in humans in the early stages of brain development, it is a manifestation of the unconscious. Intuition – “sixth sense” – a precision instrument of perception of the world, which allows a person to feel the energy inside oneself and out in the world. On intuition rely, as a rule, when there is no other way, saying this: “as the spirit lay” (and, in fact, it is correct!). Intuition is actually capricious lady – if it feels that you don’t pay even a little attention, it begins to wither, and after some time, generally falls into lethargy.

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It is a gift, which is in each of us, but only successful people use it permanently, the rest  just do not trust enought. Most people are embarrassed to admit they use intuition. Even those who have a well-developed intuition, are often reluctant to use it, or do not recognize it and, as a result, this ability atrophies. Maybe because it is considered that only logic and rational thinking is a sign of high intelligence? This is wrong, because intuition – a valuable quality of a person.

Whatever the success of scientists in the creation of artificial intelligence, it will always lack one thing – intuition.


Interestingly, that intuition has property to “escape”. It resembles something that is noticed out of corner of the eye, but immediately disappears if to look straight. The closer look, the more difficult to detect it. Therefore, it is not right to stare too close on intuitions prompts, like you look on a picture. Your intuition is present, telling or suggesting, but it is below the threshold of direct perception. This is a paradox of intuition: it is possible to keep it on open palm, but it slips, if you try to compress it into a fist. Intuition – a little flash of light that begins to die out immediately, as soon as apear. Forst point is the strongest. Out of fear, shyness and hesitation you may miss it.
Intuition is always right reads.

Intuition – the direct perception of clean energy and energy never lies. We “just know” and that’s all. We say “intuition let down” when your thinking gives it a wrong interpretation.

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Remember the situations where something inside tells you: “Do not do it now, wait …”. But you did not listen your inner voice, in spite you done something, and then realized what you were doing wrong, but is too late. Experts say that it is answers from the subconscious. If you need to solve a problem that requires thinking, do not rush immediately to make some logical reasoning. Good “deliberated” decision is not always correct. Your subconscious mind is directly connected with the quantum field of information and solution of any problem is already there. So first relax, drop the fear and anxiety over the decision. You know what it is. Let yourself go, stop the train of thought, contemplate the void. It is very likely that the decision will come soon, and it is very simple. Trust your feelings. It is important to distinguish between the quiet voice of intuition, and the effect of your “comfort zone”. Intuition – it is not a thought, it is the ability to perceive the vibrations of the universe, and feelings are always prompt, if something is wrong.https://pp.vk.me/c407029/v407029904/723c/AeaDaWZRy3w.jpg

Feeling – it is the language of the soul, and if you want to understand what is true for you, pay attention to how you feel yourself about it. If you fail, do not annoy and include mental apparatus – the second time it will works. This practice developes ability to get access to intuitive knowledge. It is only necessary to make it a habit.

Our subconscious – is a powerful machine, it is in 200 million times faster processing information than consciousness, through the subconscious we can move to the information from the universe.. Therefore, it has answers to almost all your questions.

The only problem is do you listen to it?

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The brilliant physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein attached great importance to intuition, insight, supersensible comprehension of being. He argued that without these things it is impossible, not only to make great discovery, but simply to get answers on complex questions. He once said that if he had only one hour to find a way to escape from death, fifty-five minutes he would spend  to formulate the question correctly. “To find the answer, – Einstein said –  just five minutes enough.”

The great scientist described the essence of the problem: very often we do not know what we want, not properly formulate our goals, ask qrong questions, so our intuition, and with it the unconscious, can not help us. Einstein always said that the discovering is not the product of logical thought. He himself always think in images and pictures, felt intuitive operation even in physical manifestations.

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