10 Methods To See The World Completely For Free

Trips round the world is not a cheap luxury. Most of the people travel quite rarely. But fortunately, there are several methods to visit other countries almost for free. It’s just only a few people know about such opportunities.

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1 – Couch surfing

1There is such an online resource where one can find free accommodation offers from the ordinary people living in different countries. They like communicating with new people so much as they are ready to host the tourists at their home. Maybe they will even agree to organize an excursion for you around the city. All you have to do is pick up the country and the city and contact the people.

2 – Help Exchange

2By virtue of Help Exchange one can provide oneself with quite a long-term free accommodation and food. In exchange, you will have to work for a while. As a rule, it’s not a difficult work taking a couple of hours a day. So choose the work on your own taste and get ready to travel.

3 – Find a Crew

3These sources can be interesting for those who like sea journeys round the world. The main thing is that you mustn’t have a ship sick and have what to offer to the ship crew. In any way, even if you don’t possess any special sea skills, but have got a head on your shoulders, you will surely find the work.

4 – Turtle Teams

4Living on the exotic islands costs a pretty penny for the tourists. But if you join the nature defenders and try going to save sea turtles, then you might get a chance to travel without running into debts. There is more than just enough of work in such organizations, even such a simply one as watching animals’ behavior.

5 – Trips Leader for HF Holidays

5If there is not much time for a long vacation, but there is still a desire to go somewhere, you should definitely consider this option. The only thing you should understand that even though walking by foot is entertaining, it is still quite hard and requires a definite level of endurance. Besides, you might need a touristic equipment and at least a sleeping bag.

6 – Youth in Action

6For those who are under 30 and who have got a desire to learn, it is possible to use a program that grants scholarships to different non-commercial organizations, which organize trainings and educational programs of different kind. All you should do is apply for the chosen training and you will be given a free food and accommodation, and will get a 70% travel expenses reimbursement. The education itself is also for free.

7 – United Nations Volunteers

11Enough said here. By becoming a United Nations Volunteer one can travel the world completely for free and help the mankind a lot!

8 – Conservation Volunteers

8This organization is a similar one to the United Nations Volunteer organization, which also gives opportunities to see the world and help the humanity.

9 – Project “7”

9This source advertises volunteer vacancies from all around the world, which means that you will be able to find an excellent job in any part of the globe. What about a lemon shark study on the Bahamas? Pick up, there are lots of choices!

10 – WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

10The fans of organic products and a healthy lifestyle will fit this organization ideally. The thing is that for your free food and accommodation you will have to work for 6 hours at the farm. On the other hand, after having done that you will be absolutely free.

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