13 Alternative Ideas Of Using A Nail Polish

Would you ever imagine that a nail polish could be as much useful in other spheres of your life apart from your nails? Well, there are as many as 13 more of them! Ready to get amazed?

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#1 – Post Letters


If you have to send a very important letter and are not sure of the glue quality on it, use some nail polish to stick up the letter.

#2 – The Keys


Color your keys with the nail polishes of different color and it will be easier not to get them mixed. So whenever you need that definite key, you know what color it is.

#3 – Clothing Snap


If it seems like your clothing snap is very close from coming off, fix it with help of a nail polish.

#4 – Renewed Shoes


Get prepared to welcome summer in new bright colorful shoes painted with nail polish of different kind.

#5 – Scratched Car


There is no need to spend extra expenses on repairing the scratches on your car in the car service. Just take a nail polish of the appropriate color and paint your car yourself.

#6 – Sun Glasses


Feel yourself a designer and (spoil) decorate your sunglasses.

#7 – Jewelry


If you cover your jewelry with a translucent nail polish, it will not darken and will not color your skin.

#8 – Bag Design


Paint your bag with nail polish of different colors and mask the rubbing marks.

#9 – Headphones


Personalize your headphones and the headphones of your friends by painting them with nail polishes of different bright colors.

#10 – Interesting Phone Case


Make your phone case a piece of art by painting it with the nail polish of different colors.

#11 – Cool Snickers Redesign


 Bring your old snickers into a new life by coloring them with nail polishes.

#12 – Collants Repair


This is probably the most known method for using a nail polish, but still it remains a great idea!

#13 – Insect Bite


A nail polish can be applied even against a scratch on your skin or an insect bite!

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