7 Ideas To Wear Leggings Every Day

Who could have ever thought that leggings would become such a popular clothing item? Nevertheless, they did it and more and more people wear them every day with different purposes. So what are the ways you can wear leggings and what other clothing items you can combine them with?

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Way 1 – Dull-color leggings & shimmery top

1Prosaic grey leggings will come in handy not for your workouts only, but beyond the borders of the gym. This simple basic item will perfectly fit the shimmery top or a sweet-shot with shiny elements.

Way 2 – Sport & Boho

2The initial sport purpose of leggings doesn’t mean you must wear it exceptionally for the workouts. Some of the models manage to perfectly fit the…boho! Especially if your leggings are of a soft pastel color. Just add a cap or a jacket to them, and leather shoes.

Way 3 – No spiked shoes!

3The worst method ever is to combine the leggings with the spiked shoes. It has always appeared vulgar and tasteless. The best company for your leggings are the shoes with the flat sole. That’s why for a relaxed look take sneakers, a loppy t-shirt, a bag-messenger, and of course, leggings.

Way 4 – Jacket in tune

5Complement your leggings with the jacket in tune. In this way you will get an unexpected, but stylish outfit, the top of which changes the bottom of your outlook from the sport clothing into casual.

Way 5 – Skin-tight clothing, BUT only one!

3When you wear leggings together with the skin-tight top, the outlook that comes out indeed looks like the one for working out in the gym. But if you play on contrasts a bit and add some relaxed fit item with unusual details, you will look just great!

Way 6 – Forget about capri and breeches

6If you want to wear leggings on an everyday basis, abandon all kinds of shortened models, no matter if it’s capri or breeches. In this case, no fashion advice will save you from the epic fall.

Way 7 – Hide the unnecessary

7If you want your leggings to perform the role of the fulfilled skinny-trousers, you should hide the unnecessary that is cincture shirring.

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