7 Reasons To Leave Your Job

It’s safe to say that switching jobs is never an easy task. Most of the times we look for a new job because we lost our old one. In some cases, the conditions at your present job are so bad that you can’t help but think about finding a new position. But what if there doesn’t seem to be enough foundation to leave your old job behind? There is one simple rule: if you don’t feel happy at your current job, consider looking for a new one. Here are 7 more signs you need a new position.

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1. You hate what you do

This happens more often than you think! A person can get a job by accident or because his parents told him so, but it doesn’t mean that he automatically has to like it. If you’ve never saw yourself as a cook, sales assistant, or accountant, but you were forced to work by the circumstances, there is a big chance you’ll start hating your job. In this case moving to the same position just in another company won’t help – you’ll need to not only switch companies, but also professional fields.


2. You only care about the money

Ideally, the satisfaction from any job has to consist of two major factors: your enjoyment from the professional and the financial compensation of your work. If you’ve noticed that you don’t really enjoy what you do and only wait for your next paycheck, it might be a sign that your current job is not really for you. Imagine if your pay was significantly cut: if you’d still stay at the company doing what you do now, then money isn’t the only reason keeping you in that position.


3. There is no room for advancement

Working five days a week isn’t the same as building a career. Normally, if you’re a diligent worker who’s always looking forward to new challenges and is constantly learning, the next promotion won’t keep you waiting. However, if people in your position haven’t received a promotion for years, or if there are simply no career opportunities, it may not be enough for an ambitious person. In this case working for another company may give you the professional fulfilment you deserve.


4. You don’t believe in your company

Not every company is required to have a strong ideology and mission like Apple or Microsoft. However, every major or minor company always tries to build its own image and establish its position in the market. You may realize that the company’s mission, products, or services are far from what you consider being good, and that is a very telling sign that currently you are in a wrong place. You don’t need to take your company’s guidelines as God’s word, but you need to at least agree with their statements.


5. There are no authorities within the company

In every work structure, there are many people who stand higher than you. It can be your direct boss, your boss’s boss, or the CEO of the company. The important thing is the respect and admiration you feel for your superiors. But if you always feel like your boss is incompetent or the CEO is taking the company in the wrong direction, it probably means that there is no one you trust and admire among the staff. Of course, sometimes the superiors are objectively bad at their job, but that’s just another reason to leave the company.


6. You dread mornings

When you’re perfectly happy at your current job, every morning should feel like a new opportunity to go to work, enjoy your day, do something great, and make some money in the process. However, if your job no longer feels satisfying, waking up and getting ready for work becomes a chore, and that’s when you know that you’d be better off without this job. Obviously, miserable mornings may also be a sign that you’re simply not a morning person, but more often it’s a symptom of unhappiness with the job.


7. Your physical health is affected

We all know about the nature and dangers of stress, and it’s important to know that work-related stress can not only poison our minds, but also harm our bodies. If you constantly feel exhausted, suffer from insomnia, lose your appetite, often feel undistinguishable and pain that doctors struggle to diagnose, finding a new job may be the solution for your troubles. Just don’t forget to take a couple of weeks off between jobs to have some proper rest!


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