7 Women’s Mistakes You Better Not Repeat

“Mistake is the first step to experience.” “One learns on their own mistakes.” “Only those do not get mistaken, who don’t do anything.” The list of aphorisms is endless as mistakes are an inseparable part of each one of us. It is good when we are capable to learn from our own mistakes, but there are some that are literally out of our control. Let’s find out what are they together!

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Mistake #1 – Eating Before Going To Sleep


It has been proved by the dietarians a numerous amount of times that eating before going to bed is both bad for our health and figure. Just remind about those pangs of conscience after your every night excursion to the refrigerator. In order to avoid this mistake, you must train your will power. And your will power must be supported by the strong desire to be at your own liking and to become appealing to everyone around in those favorite super-tight jeans or a stylish short dress.

Mistake #2 – Giving The 2nd, 3rd, 4th Chance To The Person Who Has Betrayed You


Forgiveness – is a great power. So forgive and never renew the relationships with the person who once hurt you. If the man doesn’t keep promises, doesn’t appreciate relationships, or disappears for a week – say “good bye” to such a man! Appreciate yourself and your own right to be happy. By giving another chance, you only increase the doze of pain you will experience in the nearest time again. Just keep in mind that most of the people don’t change.

Mistake #3 – Condoning His Silence


Self-deceit – is just another great power. This is some sort of the protecting reaction for the situation we refuse to accept. How long are you ready to believe that he doesn’t call because he is busy at work, got sick, lost his cell phone, or died? Men are simple – if they want to see a woman, to hear her voice, and to spend time with her, they do. All the rest are just excuses.

Mistake #4 –Being Painfully Interested Of How Is Your Ex


Let him bite his elbows when surfing through your newest pictures on the web. Yes, it is quite hard to keep yourself away from visiting his page more often than your own one. But you should also remember that the photos he uploads and the statuses he writes are just a game and have nothing to do with the reality. Zero out your emotions and start a new life. Even if the person is very precious for you and your breakup was as much painful that you cannot think of him without tears falling from your eyes, try to let him go. Life will put everything on its places.

Mistake #5 – Blindly Trusting Someone Else’s Opinion


Listening to – yes, but you never know for sure that the person who is estimating your situation right now wishes you all the best. Envy is very simple to wimple. Your family members and your closest ones are a different thing. Their opinion can be trusted.

Mistake #6 – Bragging


Every achievement is appreciated only when it is presented beautifully and properly. Take any of your achievements easily, this will call for more respect from the surrounding you people, as they notice a way more than you think.

Mistake #7 – Fear Of Making A Mistake


The circle is closed, as our main mistake is the fear to get mistaken. We will never decide anything until we make a decision. Falling, raising, dreaming, and wishing – all of these are the strong points of our character and the ability to live not blaming anyone for your own mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes we make, as they all depend only on our own choice. So don’t blame yourself or withdraw into yourself. Every next day can change your life, and the fortune favors the bold.

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